Tucker on Twitter goes live (and rogue): Ex-Fox host debuts his new show on Elon Musk’s platform

Tucker goes FULL conspiracy theorist on Twitter: Ex-Fox host debuts his new show and rants about the West’s unwavering support for Ukraine, questions why UFO whistleblower is not dominating the news and says Americans live in ignorance

  • Tucker Carlson on Tuesday launched his Twitter show, which he says will replace his daily primetime Fox News program
  • The 10 minute clip of ‘Tucker on Twitter’ sees the 54-year-old discuss Ukraine, UFOs and the ignorance of those who rely on cable news for their information
  • Carlson issued a veiled attack on his former employer, saying Americans were blind to the truth thanks to the media

Tucker Carlson has launched his much-anticipated Twitter show, publishing a 10-minute clip full of conspiracy theories, attacks on Ukraine, and rants about the ignorance of most Americans.

‘By this point, it’s possible American citizens are the least informed people in the world,’ he said.

Carlson began ‘Episode 1’, as he titled it, by discussing Ukraine, and the recent attack on the Kherson dam.

‘This morning it looks like someone blew up the Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine,’ he said. 

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday debuted his eagerly-anticipated Twitter show

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