Turkey Veneer Cost and Factors Affecting it

An increasingly popular choice to create or improve your bright smile in recent times is Veneers.

The smile line can be made even and beautiful when artificial crowns are fixed atop the teeth. Individuals concerned with getting Veneers for their dentition are always bothered with one question, how much does a full veneer set cost?

If you also wonder where it is cheaper to obtain, you can try out Dentakay clinic as their dental procedure also takes little time. This article gives detailed information about the cost of a full veneer set.

The cost of a full Veneer set

It may appear like a straightforward question, but then, we can’t always accurately predict the selling price in the spur of the moment. Many factors determine how much the veneer set and the whole dental procedure would cost you.

The smile line of a patient largely determines the number of veneers a patient requires. You can determine a person’s smile line from the number of teeth you can see when they smile.

There’s a uniqueness in everyone’s smile and set of teeth, and until the doctor is sure of the number of teeth that can be visible from different sides when a patient’s mouth is open, the estimate may not be accurate.

Regardless of these factors, patients can still get veneers that suit them by sending pictures of their smiles. It is advised to send an accurate picture to the doctor by taking high-quality images from different angles to decipher how many teeth are visible properly.

Also, a patient can x-ray their smiles and send them.

Cost of Veneers in Turkey

A full set of veneers in Turkey is made up of 20 units. The Zirconium Full Veneers, on average, is priced at $215, or €190, or £160.

The full set of Zirconia crowns is also worth $4300, or €3500, or £3200 before discounts are considered. The laminate veneer price costs $290, or €255, or £215 per tooth. These prices mentioned above are teeth veneers that could be paid for by card.

There are other payment options like cash and group discounts, but they are accessible based on the clinic where you are getting your veneers and dental procedure. Discount options are also likely when more than one person purchases the veneer set that day.

These options place you at an advantage to get your veneers at a low price in Turkey, compared to other countries where hidden charges could be present. In Turkey, the cost of veneers covers all the treatments to be taken.

Time Taken to Prepare Veneers

Wholly, it could take around five days for all dental procedures to be completed starting from the consultation before you even arrive in Turkey. After the consulting session, You will do a 3D scan to take measurements of your teeth.

You will use this to create a temporary mold of your teeth for making the accurate size of veneers that’ll be fixed for you.

In a fully equipped lab, the veneers take about two days to be created, after which the fitting is done, and there’s a check to ensure the patient is comfortable with their veneer set.

Often, the veneer set recommended to patients is zirconium porcelain veneers or max veneers.

Zirconium is a much-preferred set for patients who are selective about perfecting their Hollywood style of a smile; it is also the perfect option for patients who have previously undergone oral root treatments.

Why are Veneers Cheaper in Turkey?

Turkey is quite famous for its economic prices in the sale of veneers. The total cost for you may vary depending on the part of the country you visit for the purchase and installment.

Generally, running a dental clinic in Turkey is less than in other countries, this also explains why veneers are cheaper. Raw materials used to manufacture the different types of veneers are abundant in Turkey.

As a result of the low cost of operation, dental clinics in Turkey offer quality and safe services.

Another factor contributing to cheaper veneers is that the government supports medical tourism enjoyed in the country. Veneers in Turkey are more affordable than in other countries like the United Kingdom due to the health tourism sector’s support and encouragement.

As a result of medical tourism, the health tourism sector in Turkey earns an income that tops $1 billion every year, with cosmetic surgery making up more than half of the revenue. The high patronage is due to the affordable price.

In Turkey, dental prices are cheaper by 80% than those in America and Europe.

The explosion in demand for dental procedures in Turkey over the last decade has been major due to affordability. The dental clinics in Turkey offer affordable prices in a significant way to attract people who want their smiles back.

It is also easier to get quality and safe coating for a cheap amount in Turkey.

Why do many prefer Veneers?

Many veneers go into use in cosmetic dentistry today; this results from their durability and adaptability for different people. In recent times, dentists have preferred to use porcelain veneers as choppers.

They are durable, although thin, and can easily fit into the front surface of any tooth. In the case of one broken or chipped tooth, one veneer may suffice, but for others, they would need about two to six veneers to attain the evenness of their teeth.


Even though dental procedures can be quick and cheap, the result of durability is always incredible as a quick fix is always long-lasting. Veneers are joined to the front of the teeth.

This process of bonding resin coating or a thin ceramic at the tooth surface also strengthens the tooth’s enamel.


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