Tweets about JEWS and AIDS ‘made by 23-year-old Tory George Stoakley

Conservative council election candidate George Stoakley, pictured, is alleged to have made a highly offensive tweet referencing Anne Frank’s effort to hide from the Nazis

A prospective Conservative Party councillor who is running in next month’s local elections has deleted offensive tweets referencing Anne Frank and AIDS.

George Stoakley, who is running for the Tories in Fenn Ditton and Fulbourn in South East Cambridgeshire, made the tweets in 2013.

One tweet, which is believed to refer to Anne Frank and her family’s two-year effort to hide from the Nazis in Amsterdam, has since been deleted, along with several other offensive messages. 

The 23-year-old would-be politician describes himself on his twitter biography as a Libertarian Conservative.

After the controversial tweets were discovered yesterday afternoon, Mr Stoackley made his Twitter feed private.

He had earlier begun deleting some of the controversial messages before taking his account private. 

He also appears to have deleted his LinkedIn account.  

MailOnline has made several attempts to contact Mr Stoakley who has yet to comment on the controversy.  

As well as the Anne Frank message, made on July 10, 2013, other comments included: ‘Some people call it aids, I just call it weaponised semen’.

He also made comments about loosening the UK’s strict firearms laws. 

He wrote in 2013: ‘Am I the only person to legalise handguns in the UK?’ 

In 2014 he commented that he would ‘want to be a parent by 27, not a grand dad’. 

He continued: ‘What the f*** getting pregnant at 11, and giving birth at 12 dirty little s*** should have the child taken away.’  

His old comments follow a pledge given by Conservative Party Chairman Brandon Lewis who unveiled the party’s Respect Pledge ahead of next month’s election.

Speaking at the Conservative Councillors’ Association meeting on March 3, Mr Lewis said: ‘Robust debate in politics is part of a healthy democracy but abuse and intimidation have absolutely no place in public life.

‘That’s why all Conservative candidates standing in elections this year will be signed-up to our Respect Pledge.

‘I would urge the Labour party to now step-up and follow suit.’

Candidates who breach the Respect Pledge ‘will be investigated and subject to disciplinary action’. 

Mr Stoakley, who is 23, wrote the tweet on July 8, 2013 and deleted it earlier today 

Mr Stoakley also made an offensive tweet stigmatising people with HIV and Aids 

On his Twitter Bio, Mr Stoakley describes himself as a ‘Libertarian Conservative’ 

After Mr Stoakley started to receive criticism on Twitter he protected his profile 

According to the pledge, candidates must ‘refrain from making abusive or offensive attacks on other candidates in written literature, on social media or verbally.

‘To encourage our supporters to campaign on social media in a respectful manner, and to condemn supporters who engage in intimidatory behaviour.

‘To abide by the Code of Conduct for Conservative Party Representatives as published under the authority of the Party Board.’

MailOnline has approached Mr Stoakley, 10 Downing Street and Conservative Central Office for a comment.

In April 2014, Stoakley made comments about an 11-year-old girl who became pregnant 

Mr Stoakley also made condescending about the people appearing on Jeremy Kyle’s show

George Stoakley was chosen by the Conservative Party to run on May 3, 2018

George Stoakley was chosen by the Conservative Party to run on May 3, 2018

Mr Stoakley had previously said he was in favour of legalising handguns in the UK 

Mr Stoakley had previously said he was in favour of legalising handguns in the UK