Two Eurofighter jets crash into each other in Germany 

Two Eurofighter jets crash into each other in Germany sparking search for pilots who ejected

  • Reports suggest that the two pilots were able to eject themselves before crash
  • Some German media outlets are saying debris has fallen into inhabited areas 
  • Forest fires have reportedly been started as a result of the planes going down 

Two German Air Force jets collided today while flying over a remote part of northern Germany, landing around six miles apart and causing forest fires. 

Emergency services rushed to Fleesensee lake, near Malchow, where the crash happened between two Luftwaffe Eurofighter jets.

The pilots of each plane were able to eject, according to an Air Force spokesman who added one of them is still yet to be found. It is not clear whether the pilots ejected before or after impact. 

Since the spokesman’s announcement, at around 3.15 pm local time, one of the pilots was located alive and is in the care of emergency services. 

SVZ in Germany reported that wreckage from the planes fell into inhabited areas over the north shore of the lake. 

Police confirmed this, tweeting that people should stay away from ‘dangerous debris’ that has fallen in and around the municipality of Malchow. 

Both aircraft belonged to the Air Force Squadron 73 ‘Steinhoff’. One went down in a wooded area in Schwerin near the village Jabel, according to the Interior Ministry. 

The other went down south of the village Nossentiner, around six miles away. This is where one pilot was found alive. 

Distressing pictures from the scene show thick plumes of smoke billowing into the air over the Fleesensee lake – which is in the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte district in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

Reports state that the jets – based on the north coast of Germany close to Rostock – plummeted to the ground after they collided. It is not yet known the number of people injured in the incident, if any. 

SVZ in Germany reported that wreckage from the planes fell into inhabited areas over the north shore of the lake. Smoke from the crashes are shown in different areas

Witnesses told local media that the crash, which was at around 2 pm local time, caused a loud bang. 

One person said that a wing broke away from the main body of one of the planes.

Attention has now turned to the search for the one remaining missing pilot and the forest fires caused as a result of the crash. 

There is a large contingent of emergency responders at the scene according to reports.

Team Luftwaffe confirmed the news on their official Twitter page and also stated that the pilots were able to eject.

A third pilot witnessed and reported the crash, stating that he saw two parachutes deployed.  

Interior Minister Lorenz Caffier (CDU) will fly to the scene to survey damage, according to his spokesman.