Two more Bill O’Reilly accusers join defamation suit

  • Andrea Mackris and  Rebecca Gomez Diamond have joined a defamation lawsuit filed by Rachel Witlieb Bernstein
  • The three women are suing Bill O’Reilly for calling them liars  and suggesting they were possibly political operatives over their sexual harassment claims

Bill O’Reilly may soon be facing off in court against a number who alleged that the disgraced host sexually harassed them during his time at Fox News.

Andrea Mackris, a former producer on O’Reilly’s show, and former Fox Business Network host Rebecca Gomez Diamond have joined the defamation suit filed by fellow O’Reilly accuser Rachel Witlieb Bernstein.

The three women are suing O’Reilly for defamation after he made comments over the past few months suggesting that they were political operatives hell bent on taking him down as well as liars whose only goal was extortion. 

He made those claims despite the fact that he settled with Mackris for $9 million after she accused him of sexual harassment in 2004, and paid Diamond an undisclosed amount in 2011 after she too accused him of sexual harassment.

Bernstein complained about Reilly’s harassing behavior to human resources back in 2002 and received a small payout that was far less than the other five known women whom O’Reilly settled with over the years.

In total, O’Reilly paid over $45 million to six women, including one who was awarded $32 million just this year.

Andrea Mackris

Go their own way: Andrea Mackris (right) and Rebecca Gomez Diamond have joined a defamation lawsuit filed by Rachel Witlieb Bernstein against Bill O’Reilly (left)