Two teenage girls brawl in wealthy Edinburgh suburb

A shocking video shows adults struggling to break up a vicious fight between two young girls in one of Edinburgh’s most wealthy areas.

The youngsters were filmed rolling around the pavement punching, kicking and pulling each other’s hair just yards from homes worth around £1m.

Two burly, middle-aged men wade in and, with great difficulty, manage to pull the girls apart.

These are the shocking scenes as two teenage girls were filmed brawling in Edinburgh 

Two middle aged men attempted to break up the fight

The girls were fighting on the Old Dalkeith Road in Edinburgh

A pair of middle aged men had to intervene to break up the fight on the Old Dalkeith Road

But seconds later they launch at each other with another round of hair-pulling.

Young children can be hear egging the girls on throughout the scrap, which was filmed in the city’s Old Dalkeith Road.

The camera starts rolling just as the brunette girl launches for her blonde combatant who retaliates by grabbing onto her enemy’s hair.

The brunette then grabs a hold of the blonde by the hair, pulling her low down so she can attempt to kick her in the face and punch her in the kidneys.

The blonde teen keeps hold off the other girl’s hair before the pair end up on the pavement – refusing to let go of each other.

The two then roll off the pavement and onto the road where the blonde, wearing a red Adidas zip up, straddles the other girl.

A leg then slyly comes into view of the camera – attempting to kick the blonde off the other girl.

She then continues punching her and keeps hold of her hair before swing her head around like a rag doll.

At this point two burly men weigh in and try to split the fight up by dragging the girls off each other.

Police Scotland have confirmed they have not received any reports of the shocking incident

The fight ends when the blonde girl walks away from the scene

Police Scotland have confirmed they have not received any reports of the shocking incident

But their intervention fails as the fighting duo continue to try and grab each other even while being held back.

The blonde girl tells the man: ‘I don’t give a f***’ before launching herself back at the brunette for round two.

One of the men manages to split the schoolgirls up again with the clip ending as the blonde girl walks away.

During the whole incident, boys that look around 12-years-old are shown egging the fight on.

It is not known when the fight happened however the video emerged on YouTube two weeks ago.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said yesterday they had not had any reports of the incident.