Two teenage girls who allegedly ‘snuck into Queensland’ test negative to COVID-19 

Two teenage girls who allegedly ‘snuck into Queensland from a coronavirus hot spot’ test negative to COVID-19

Two teenage girls who allegedly lied to gain access to Queensland from a coronavirus hotspot have tested negative for COVID-19. 

The 15 and 16-year-old were found on the Sunshine Coast on Monday after they allegedly arrived on a train from Sydney last week. 

The teens were detained at Noosa Civic shopping centre before they were whisked away for coronavirus testing.  

Police are yet to decided whether charges will be laid against the two teens (pictured in custody on Monday). One is from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and the other is from NSW

Queensland Police believe the teens had travelled to hotspots within Sydney before arriving in the Sunshine State via train last Friday.   

Officers alleged the teens had been in Sydney prior to entering Queensland ahead of Saturday’s border closure. 

State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced she would close the border to all of New South Wales in an attempt to stem the spread of the deadly respiratory infection.   

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