Ultimate Guide to Equipping a SPA

The spa industry has grown massively in recent years, potentially as a result of people becoming more concerned with mental and physical well-being. Whatever the reason, this is an industry worth investing in. In 2021 the spa industry was worth 95 billion USD.

By 2030 it’s estimated it will be worth 185 billion USD. If you’re thinking about setting up a spa then you’re almost certain to generate a profit. However, you don’t just need a good location, you need the right esthetician and spa equipment.

Customers generally expect luxury from their spa visits. If you’re ready to equip a spa then you need to be choosing the highest-quality products for every part of the business.


This is the first part of the spa any customer will see and when they will make up their mind whether they like the place or not! First impressions really do count. It must be clean, open, and easy for anyone new to move from the door to the reception desk.

The desk should be wooden to reflect warmth and curved always seems more friendly. It’s also important that the desk is situated slightly apart from the waiting area or any thoroughfare. Clients appreciate privacy.

An easy-to-use and preferably free coffee/tea machine is a good idea, along with a water dispenser. You’ll also want to ensure the seating is comfortable and feels luxurious.

Treatment Rooms

Once you’ve impressed them with the reception area, you’ll need to continue the first-class treatment in the treatment rooms. It’s worth investing in the best treatment chairs and massage tables.

However, that’s not all you find in a treatment room. The trolleys which contain the treatments are frequently used. It’s best to choose a wooden trolley that looks more like a cupboard. It shows the spa is discreet.

Ideally, other pieces of furniture in the room will match the color and feel of the wooden trolley.

You’ll also want to purchase lamps to help set the ambiance, and magnifying lamps for when needed.

Critically, your technicians also need comfortable stools or chairs that can be fully adjusted. To build a quality spa, you need quality staff. Once you’ve got them you want them to love the job so much that they don’t think about leaving.

Don’t forget, sinks, nail polish racks, facial chairs, and pedicure equipment are all vital in a treatment room.

Remember The Hot Treatments

Most spas also offer an array of hot treatments, you’ll need the equipment to go with the spa options offered. For example, a heated towel cabinet, hot stones container, wax heating facilities, the ability to sterilize tools, and even individual steamers.

Make sure you have the best equipment and somewhere safe to store it.

Sanitary Products

You can’t run a spa without looking after health and hygiene. You’ll need an array of supplies to keep the place clean and avoid clients catching infections. This includes tweezers, waxing strips, nail polish remover, hand sanitizer, and even a first-aid kit.


Summing up: Once you’ve created your spa shopping list, choose a reputable supplier. You’ll get product guarantees; great customer service, and high-quality products. That’s essential if you want your spa to be a success.