UNDER THE MICROSCOPE: Strictly Come Dancing’s Anton Du Beke, 52, answers our health quiz

UNDER THE MICROSCOPE: Strictly Come Dancing’s Anton Du Beke, 52, answers our health quiz

Can you run up the stairs?

With our twins [his wife Hannah, is a marketing executive] now 23 months, I have to! I’m always lifting them up and running after them. 

I do press-ups with the two of them on my back, which they think is the best game ever. 

I’ve got a personal trainer, Jessica Blake, who has a dancing background so she understands the demands on my body and what I need to do to stay in shape. I try to see her three times a week.

Get your five-a-day?

Without fail. I always have breakfast — porridge with coffee or tea — before I leave for the studio to film Strictly otherwise my brain won’t work and half an hour after arriving, I’ll start snacking on rubbish. 

I have lunch and dinner at the studio and opt for something light — fruit, a salad, chicken or fish. 

The last thing you want to do is load up on something lovely but heavy like a shepherd’s pie if you’re rehearsing.

Any vices?

I’m a sucker for pastries.

Any family ailments?

With my family, it’s all about lifestyle choices. My mother, who is Spanish and eats a healthy Mediterranean diet, is in her late 70s. My father, who smoked and drank all his life, died almost 18 years ago when he was 61.

Worst illness/injury?

As a toddler, I had serious bronchitis and had to be hospitalised, but I don’t remember much about it.

Cope well with pain?

I’M stoical about pain but, as the twins get older, I’m fully expecting to step on their Lego in bare feet at night, which I gather is excruciating!

Pop any pills?

I don’t usually, but with the twins having been sick, when the winter bug season began, I started taking immune-boosting supplements like vitamin C. I had flu on the Strictly tour in 2017 and I want to avoid a repeat of that as it was no fun performing while feeling rubbish.

Ever been depressed?

Not per se. But since becoming a parent, I seem to be constantly worrying about the twins, especially when they are ill.

Hangover cure?

I’ve been teetotal for more than 30 years, since I got drunk once when I was 18 and had a horrific hangover. I thought: ‘Never again!’

Biggest phobia?

Beeing told I have to do I’m A Celebrity; spiders, heights, confined spaces and being stuck in a coffin are among my worst fears.

Like to live for ever?

Yes — I’ve always had a massive fear of death, more so now I’m a parent. I’m much happier on this side.

Anton’s novel One Enchanted Evening (Zaffre, £7.99) is out in paperback later this month.


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