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Understanding Search Engine Optimisation / SEO

Ever wondered what SEO that is so commonly mentioned is all about? Well to put it simply it is a marketing discipline or rather component that is used by businesses or marketers to grow the level of visibility on the internet organically or non-paid when search engine results are returned.

This essentially means that SEO requires coverage on both technical and creative aspects in order to improve rankings on search engines (the list of results returned on first, second or third page which is critical towards driving traffic to a website. To explain this even more briefly, SEO involves increasing the level of awareness of search engines about a particular business that exists on the internet.

What you should know at this point however, is the fact that SEO is not a singular element as there are numerous aspects of it that makes it work. For example the words on your page or the content presented on your page and the links that lead back to you or from you to other sites must all have must have a logical chain attached between them.

In other words SEO involves ensuring a web developer constructing your website in a manner that could be understood by search engines. But, never-ever make the mistake of thinking that SEO is only about constructing search engine friendly websites. It is also about ensuring your site is better for your customers or visitors to your site.

Making websites relevant to both the search engines that lad people to your site and the people who have been targeted to visit your site are principles that go well hand-in-hand.

It is no secret that the majority of web traffic is brought to us by major search engines, and the biggest kahunas from this aspect is Google, Bing, and Yahoo and although social media platforms and other platforms also play a role in driving traffic towards you none of them could compare with these search engines that are currently holding the key to ‘web visibility success’ as search engines are the main mode of navigation for those who use the Internet.

Regardless of what kind of business or non-profit site you operate, relevancy is a key factor towards its success. Search engines are unique due to the fact that they provide websites with targeted traffic and people that these search engines bring to your site have a high probability of actually needing what you have to offer them.

In other words we can say that search engines are highways that bring the right people to the right website and if search engines are unable to locate your site your site, your business is actually missing out on an incredible opportunity.

How you become invisible to search engines is no mystery, this happens because the words that internet users type into the ‘search field’ of their browsers do not match what you have or content on your site or the links, thus these ’SEO words’ normally regarded as ‘keywords’ carry extraordinary value.

Believe it or not, it is a commonly accepted fact that search engine traffic has the potential to either make or break your business! So, take our advice and find a professional web development company offering SEO who will pay attention to the content and be careful, not to ‘overcrowd’ your site with too many keywords or repetitive keywords, because if the search engine ‘picks this up’ it would raise a red flag and completely