Unearthed tweet from 2012 reveals how New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern feels about 2GB’s Alan Jones 

Is this what sparked Alan Jones’ feud with Jacinda Ardern? Old tweet reveals New Zealand PM once called the radio host an ‘intensely disliked git’

  • Old tweet reveals what New Zealand prime minister really thinks of Alan Jones 
  • Jacinda Ardern described Jones as git who was intensely disliked in 2012 tweet  
  • Ms Ardern was reluctant to discuss the matter when asked by reporters 
  • Comes after Jones urged Scott Morrison to ‘shove a sock down’ her throat

An old tweet from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern describing radio broadcaster Alan Jones as ‘intensely disliked’ and a ‘git’ has resurfaced.

Sky News has unearthed a tweet from seven years ago posted by Ms Ardern slamming the controversial 2GB radio host.

‘I know an Alan Jones. Unlike the Aussie version, he isn’t a git or intensely disliked the general population,’ the tweet from 2012 states. 

Ms Ardern was tight-lipped on the matter and wouldn’t be drawn into a slanging match with Jones when grilled by reporters on Tuesday.

Jacinda Ardern described radio host Alan Jones as a ‘git’ in a tweet posted seven years ago

‘This is a reference to a tweet from seven years ago,’ she said.

‘Of late, you’ll have seen that I have not been offering up thoughts or opinions on the issue of Alan Jones and I don’t intend to now.’

When asked if she would apologise to Jones, Ms Ardern replied ‘Again, I will not continue an ongoing debate over the issue of Alan Jones.’

It’s understood the tweet was in relation to Jones’ infamous comments regarding then Australian prime minister Julia Gillard.

Alan Jones (pictured) launched a public attack against the Kiwi Prime Minister in August

Alan Jones (pictured) launched a public attack against the Kiwi Prime Minister in August

A week prior to the tweet, Jones told guests at Sydney University Liberal Club’s annual president dinner that Ms Gillard’s father John ‘died of shame’.

The old man recently died a few weeks ago of shame. To think that he had a daughter who told lies every time she stood for parliament.

New Zealand deputy prime minister Winston Peters was quick to jump to his leader’s defence and described the tweet as out of character. 

‘It’s very unlike Jacinda to do that … you’ll have to agree, I’ve never heard of that sort of thing before,’ he told Sky News. 

‘Jacinda Ardern has tried to make kindness and compassion a centrepiece of her leadership. Jacinda’s normally a seriously nice person.’

It's understood Ms Ardern's tweet was related to Jones'comments about then Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

It’s understood Ms Ardern’s tweet was related to Jones’comments about then Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Jones faced widespread public backlash in August when he called Ms Ardern a ‘çomplete clown’ and urged Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison live on air to ‘shove a sock down’ her throat in response to her statements on climate change. 

Jones later wrote to Ms Ardern to unconditionally apologise for the public slur.

‘Prime Minister, I would like to assure you that I did not intend to suggest any violence towards you,’ he wrote in an email sent to Ms Ardern.

She declined to comment on Jones’ attack.

‘I have an opinion on every single person that says something about me,’Ms Ardern said at the time.

New Zealand deputy prime minister Winston Peters (right) has defended his leader

New Zealand deputy prime minister Winston Peters (right) has defended his leader

Jones also issued a publicly apology on air while his employer Macquarie Radio issued a stern warning that he would be sacked if similar comments were made again.

More than 80 advertisers terminated their spending with 2GB in the wake of the saga, which was reportedly an estimated $1million in lost revenue.

Despite the controversy, 2GB remained on top of the most recent radio ratings to maintain a market leading share of 13.4 per cent to claim its 122nd consecutive survey victory.


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