Uninsured Motorists: Interesting Stats & Facts for 2021

If you want to drive in most U.S. states, the Department of Motor Vehicles states that your car should be insured. If you’re driving an uninsured car, it means you’re driving illegally.

When you get involved in an accident and don’t have an insurance policy, you’ll have difficulty filing a claim. According to statistics, the number of uninsured motorists has gone down over the years in the U.S. However, there is still the issue of people driving without the minimum required insurance.

In this article, we’ll look into the percentage of uninsured motorists in each state, the statistics of uninsured motorists, how you can protect yourself from uninsured motorists, and the states that need underinsured motorist coverage.

Statistics for Uninsured Motorists

The issue of uninsured drivers has persisted to date in the U.S. The average insurance premiums in some states are also more expensive as compared to previous years because of it. In 2018, at least one in eight motorists was uninsured. Fortunately, the percentage of uninsured drivers has gone down over the years, but uninsured drivers still cost insured motorists at least $13 billion annually.

The state with the highest number of uninsured drivers in Mississippi, and New Jersey is the state that has the lowest number of drivers who drive without an insurance coverage policy.

2021 Uninsured Motorists Statistics

The issue of uninsured motorists has persisted over the years. As per the latest statistics, uninsured motorists cost the insured drivers a significant amount of money.

If you’re an uninsured driver in the District of Columbia and 20 more states, you’re supposed to account for the risks involved with driving without insurance coverage. The average cost of the insurance coverage is $78, and the premiums paid annually amount to $13 billion.

At least 82 percent of uninsured motorists are unable to afford a car insurance policy. Others have vehicles that are unused or inoperable. This tells us that the main reason why there are so many uninsured drivers at the moment is because of the economic instability.

David Corum is the president of the IRC, and he has come up with intriguing points regarding uninsured drivers. When a driver fails to acquire an insurance coverage policy, insurance costs usually go up for law-abiding citizens. It is hard to ensure the car insurance policies are affordable when a considerable percentage of drivers fail to adhere to the laws in each state.

The Number of Uninsured Drivers in the U.S.

The U.S. has at least 215 million drivers, and the number of uninsured drivers is high in the nation. There are at least 32 million drivers who are uninsured in the U.S.

The number of uninsured drivers has gone down in 2018 and 2019 compared to the past few years. Though, some states have a higher percentage of uninsured drivers than the nation’s average. The District of Columbia is the highest.

Between 2019 and 2015, the number of uninsured drivers has gone up by 1.2 percent. There are also major shifts in insurance coverage, considering there are many uninsured drivers in some states.

In Delaware and Michigan, the number of uninsured drivers is low compared to other states, including Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Washington, where the percentage of uninsured motorists is as high as seven percent.

The IRC usually provides a percentage of uninsured motorists in each state.

States Which Require Uninsured Driver Coverage

Some states don’t require underinsured motorist coverage. At the moment, drivers in Washington D.C. and several other states need additional car insurance coverage. The required amount usually varies.

For instance, there are states where bodily injury coverage is paramount, whereas, in other states, you need property damage coverage. Ensure you’re aware of the minimum required auto insurance in your state of residence as you go ahead and acquire a new policy.

How Do You Protect Yourself from Uninsured Motorists?

Legislation is still driving the auto insurance coverage costs throughout the nation. The researchers are hopeful there will be a decrease in the number of motorists throughout the nation. In the meantime, you should ensure that you’re safe from uninsured motorists, which means you should ensure you have an auto insurance policy.

You should have the right coverage depending on your state of residence. The best car insurance firm will offer full coverage for the most affordable car insurance.

But, sometimes mistakes are made and you may be involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist while lacking the proper insurance coverage. What happens now? What if you’re injured? In situations like these, your best bet is to speak with a personal injury attorney. They’ll be able to explain your options and help you through the process.

Uninsured motorists pose a major issue. As per the statistics presented by IRC, the percentage has gone down over the years; however, failure to drive without an insurance policy poses a major risk to the insured motorists. Hopefully, the percentage of underinsured drivers will continue to go down, especially in states such as Washington, considering the percentages in some of these regions are higher than in other areas.