UNO manufacturers reveals card game rule people keep getting wrong

You’ve been playing UNO all wrong! This is the rule you DON’T want your opponents to know about at Christmas

  • Players of the family-favourite game cannot pass the buck on a draw card
  • It may be funny to see the pile in front of you get bigger, but it’s against the rules
  • Following the misunderstanding the game’s makers have now made it clear 
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As families gather to celebrate Christmas, it’s likely a competitive round or two of UNO will be on the agenda for many around the UK – but it turns out you may have been playing the popular card game all wrong. 

The aim of UNO is to get rid of all the cards in your hand while increasing the number your opponents are holding – and one of the ways to do this is to put down a draw card that forces the next player to pick up two or four cards and then miss their turn.

However, players on the receiving end of a +4 or a +2 card sometimes then put down one of their own to force the next in line to draw, say, six and miss a turn.

According to the card manufacturers in Reading, Ohio, this is against the rules.  

People keep misunderstanding the rule even though UNO has made it very clear – so you may have to pull a friend or family member up about it over the festive period. 

The family-favourite card game, which was developed in Reading, Ohio, also confirmed that players cannot use a skip card which only forces them to miss a turn – to pass the buck to the next person (file image: a player with a hand of UNO cards)

In 2019 UNO tweeted: ‘If someone puts down a +4 card, you must draw 4 and your turn is skipped. You can’t put down a +2 to make the next person draw 6. We know you’ve tried it.’

The argument resurfaced on Twitter again this week in time for the festive season, with one fan of the game tweeting: ‘Need Uno clarification – if someone has a +2 card, can I put another +2 card down forcing the next person to pick up 4 cards?’

Meanwhile, another resurrected the idea of using the +4 and +2 cards to make another player pick up six. 

She wrote: ‘When playing UNO, when someone uses the +4 card if you have the +2 (or +4) of the color that the player chose you have the right to throw the +2 then if the next player has another +2 they can do the same and whoever doesn’t have a +2 draws as many cards as they have to.

People have taken to Twitter to debate the correct rules of the popular card game UNO ahead of the festive season

People have taken to Twitter to debate the correct rules of the popular card game UNO ahead of the festive season 

The news comes after it was revealed that you may have been playing Monopoly wrong your whole life too, after a forgotten rule that alters the game dramatically resurfaced online.

Ruben, a player from Los Angeles, took to his Twitter with the revelation back in 2017 and it quickly went viral, although many players still play the game incorrectly.

On his page @RubenFanDuelTV he explained that if you land on a property that you don’t buy, it goes to auction.

But it seems that people weren’t paying attention because the debate has resurfaced on Twitter after British podcaster Jon Jackson tweeted about his children ‘remortgaging everything’ during the game.

In his original tweet, Ruben explained: ‘When someone lands on a property in Monopoly & they don’t buy it, IT GOES TO AUCTION for any player to buy. IT. IS. IN. THE. RULES.’

The Tweet received nearly 2,000 likes, and many people couldn’t believe they’d been playing the classic game wrong their whole lives.

Some people where shocked by the rule and admitted they never knew about it.

One person said: ‘Literally no one plays it like this. Surely?!’ Another wrote: ‘Wait, what!?!?!omg’

Someone else said: ‘Wow never knew this. Never too old to learn, thanks!’

However, others were aware of the rule and had always played the game that way.

One person wrote: ‘Always amazed by the amount of people that don’t know this. HOW CAN YOU BUY A GAME AND NOT READ THE RULES?’

A second commentator wrote: ‘I have always played it this way since i was a kid in the 80s.

‘This is old news. Also I put tax money in the center and whoever lands on free parking gets the loot. Not sure if that is a rule but i use it lol.’ 


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