Upcoming casino and gambling events in 2022

As the world starts to regain momentum, all the dreads of 2020 seem to have been safely behind us. We remove our face masks, go back to work, commute, and go back to the lives we somehow left behind.

Social gatherings are also now permitted, with us stealing a handshake or a sneaky hug as we meet that old colleague with whom we chatted virtually for the past two years.

When faced with a world pandemic, gambling dies not die out, and it survived the storm with many players taking their business and playtime online.

Now that we can meet and greet, we can also attend upcoming casino and gambling events, which we have missed since 2019.

Reading any reliable online casino reviews will guide you to the hottest iGaming events happening across the globe.

During such circumstances, the online casino will display their new gamified sites, whilst gaming providers give us all a sneak peek into the year to come and the games in store and up for release.

If you are looking for the right events to attend and enjoy, hold your horses, dear reader, as today, we’ll talk about all the 2022 gambling events that are sizzling and a must-attend.

IGB Live – Amsterdam

5-8 July 2022

IGB Live happens in Amsterdam every July and is regarded as one of the hottest iGaming events. The event is attended by many B2C (Casinos/Betting Platforms) and B2B (Gaming providers and developers) from across the globe.

The event’s aim, just like the Ice London, is to serve as a meeting platform for all gaming providers and a way to connect and bring gamblers an optimized and superior gambling experience.

Visiting IGB will see you also enjoy the latest slot and online casino games due to be released. Apart from this, IGB Live is also a meeting hub for sports gaming providers, payment gateway providers, and compliance specialists.

Many gaming providers, affiliates, casino review sites, and esports providers meet up with their partners following IGB live. Many flocks to the Amsterdam canals to host the best parties to impress their guests.

IGaming Live, IGB Live, is behind held between the 5th and the 8th of July 2022.

SBC North America – New Jersey

12-15 July 2022

SBC organizes many gaming events during the year, but the show’s start this year has to be the North American event happening in July 2022, just like IGB Live. SBC hosts another set of events annually to cater to the iGaming business.

SBC events aim to unite and join many services and game providers from the gaming spectrum.

Apart from this, it also serves as a massive sports betting meeting platform, where providers and promoters come together to share ideas about the sports betting scene, what is new, and what will enhance the community.

One of the events organized by SBC this year is the SBC North America that is happening in July in New Jersey. During these events, It is not just game providers meeting up and planning the iGaming future.

At SBC North America, you will also find gaming platforms looking to set up home in the new US gaming scene. Also, you will find marketing teams, payment companies, and more.

SiGMA Europe, Malta

14-18 November 2022

SiGMA is one of the year’s most significant events, the most talked about, and the most visited. The event returns to the Trade Centre in Malta for another meet-up with all the main providers and gaming giants from across the globe.

SiGMA aims to provide a networking platform for people in the iGaming arena whilst also providing opportunities for further growth in the business.

During SiGMA, you will find the traditional B2C and B2B gaming providers, with many new online casinos and gaming providers debuting each year.

SiGMA also hosts many workshops for its attendees ranging from casino management to game design, fraud management, and compliance regulations.

For new businesses that are due to launch or are in the process, SiGMA also provides a set number of free booths, where new to the gaming world companies can benefit from the networking event for free.

If you are new to the event, good to know that it lasts a week, with many providers organizing football tournaments, drinks, and dinners.

G2E Las Vegas, Nevada

10th – 13th October 2022

How about hitting two birds with one stone with the Vegas Casinos and G2E? You heard that right, the Global Gaming Expo is happening at Sin City, and it is worth a visit.

The event takes place between the 10th and the 13th of October and aims to be joined by gaming professionals and suppliers alike in a 4-day jam-packed iGaming extravaganza.

G2E might be happening in Vegas, but the event also takes place in Asia, with many Asian suppliers promoting Asian games and bookies. Suppose you are thinking about visiting G2E Vegas.

In that case, you might want to choose from the events happening for iGaming consultants, Esports operators, Bingo operators, iGaming marketing teams, Game developers, Compliance teams, regulatory matters, and many more.

If you want to do business whilst meeting some of the best and most prominent key people in gaming, G2E Las Vegas is the place to be!

Seeing all these events means that the iGaming business will continue to grow and flourish. Us gaming and sports enthusiasts are the ones that benefit the most from all these events.

Attending is fabulous, glitzy, and fun, but the fruit of iGaming events has a lasting impact on us all.

We expect to see many enhancements, with esports also taking center stage. AI has been massively featured lately, so attending the above-listed events will expose you to that and iGaming virtual reality.

The masks are off, and the future looks bright again. Bring on the iGaming events, bring on the gamification, and bring on the enhancements. We deserve this.