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Ursula animatronic loses its head during Disneyland ride

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  • The Ursula animatronic in the Ariel’s Underwater Adventure ride at Disney’s California Adventure lost its head on Sunday 
  • Video shows children reacting as the animatronic continued to dance and sing  
  • One woman who took video of the headless animatronic said that some children began to cry  

Ursula met her fateful end a little earlier than expected on the Little Mermaid ride at Disney’s California Adventure on Sunday. 

One woman who took her eight-year-old brother on Ariel’s Underwater Adventure shared video showing the villain’s head dangling off her body. 

The animatronic continued to sing and dance to the song ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ even though she had been decapitated.

The Ursula animatronic at Disney’s California Adventure lost its head on Sunday, causing children on the ride to cry 

‘This happened today which caught me off guard because Disney is usually so critical over things like this #offwithherhead!’ the woman wrote in her Twitter post.  

It’s unclear what caused the animatronic to lose its head, or why the ride operators weren’t aware sooner. 

The woman who recorded the footage told the Huffington Post that her little brother thought it was funny but younger kids on the ride were traumatized and began to cry.

‘Immediately after we got off we were ushered out along with everyone else, and the employees looked very concerned,’ she said. ‘Many people had seen Ursula decapitated, including kids who understandably were upset.’

The picture above shows what the animatronic normally looks like on Ariel's Underwater Adventure

The picture above shows what the animatronic normally looks like on Ariel’s Underwater Adventure

‘It was a pretty freaky thing to see,’ she added. 

And that wasn’t the only malfunction at a Disney theme park this weekend. 

The auctioneer animatronic on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland Paris also lost its head, according to social media posts. 


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