US Ambassador to Britain confirms Trump will meet the Queen next month 

The US Ambassador has confirmed Donald Trump will meet the Queen during his visit next month.

The president is due to visit the country for the first time since being elected in 2016 on Friday, July 13. 

His trip was downgraded from a state visit to a working visit by Theresa May last year amid fears of mass protests. 

But this afternoon ambassador Robert Wood Johnson told Sky News while plans have not yet been finalised, they will involve the president meeting Her Majesty.

The US Ambassador as confirmed President Trump will meet the Queen on a state visit to the UK next month 

There has been widespread speculation about whether or not he would meet the Queen however it has been confirmed today he will visit Windsor. 

If the monarch was to snub Trump it would break tradition as the Queen has met every US president since 1945 bar Lyndon Johnson.  

Earlier this week it was reported plans were underway to close Windsor Castle on July 13 for a possible meeting between the two. 

Insiders said holding a summit in Windsor would add weight to reports Theresa May plans to keep Trump’s visit outside of London in a bid to avoid protests.

The Queen, pictured today at Royal Ascot, will meet the President at Windsor Castle 

The Queen, pictured today at Royal Ascot, will meet the President at Windsor Castle 

Windsor Castle have not listed the closure on their website however when approached a member of staff confirmed it will be completely shut to the public on July 13.

If Windsor Castle is the meeting place it might go some way to appease the US President who was snubbed for an invite to the royal wedding at the venue last month.

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