US F-15 Eagle fighter jet snapped flying close to a cliff

The F-15 Eagle is an American twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter aircraft designed by McDonnell Douglas, now Boeing, in 1972. 

It entered service in 1976 and is among the most successful fighter jets in production today, with no losses in aerial combat.

The aircraft is predominantly used by the US Air Force as well as the air forces of Saudi Arabia, Israel and Japan.

Each model costs around £21million ($28million) and the aircraft has been modified and improved over the years with different variants now used around the world, including the faster F-15E Strike Eagle. 

As of 2017, the aircraft is being produced in different variants with production set to end in 2022.

The F-15 Eagle, pictured, costs around £21million per unit and is set to stay in production until 2022

At a glance:

Crew: One pilot

Length: 63ft 9ins (19.43m)

Wingspan: 42ft 10ins (13.05m)

Height: 18ft 6ins (5.63m)  

Max takeoff weight: 68,000lbs (30,845kg) 

Engines: 2 Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-100 or −220 afterburning turbofans 

Max speed: Mach 2.5+ (1,650mph) 

Max altitude: 65,000ft (20,000m) 

Armament: One 20mm (0.787in) M61A1 Vulcan 6-barrel Rotary cannon, four AIM-7 Sparrow missiles, four AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles, eight AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles