Useful Tips for Buying a Microwave

By Kiara Mac

One of the essential items in the kitchen is the microwave. Having one can save you a lot more time than you can imagine. While microwaves were considered a luxury in the past, they have quickly become a necessity. If you do not have one in your kitchen now or need to replace your old microwave, you need to buy one at some point. It pays to have an idea of what to look for when shopping for a microwave.

Types of Microwaves

  • Convection Microwave

It uses an internal fan for air circulation and high heat temperatures, compared to other microwaves that utilise electromagnetic waves when heating food. The convection is versatile and has more cooking options as it allows you to make food in different ways that are not possible in other microwave ovens.

  • Over-the-Range Microwave

Choosing the over-the-range microwave requires installation. You typically install it above a cooking range or stovetop; hence it gives you more counter space. It can blend well into the rest of your kitchen, as you can place it among the kitchen cabinets. It also vents odours and fumes that are produced from cooking.

  • Countertop Microwave

There is no installation necessary for this kind of microwave. You can start cooking after plugging it in. The countertop microwave is lightweight and portable. It takes up space in your counter although it is often smaller.

  • Built-in Microwave

If you are doing a kitchen remodel or designing a custom cabinet, the built-in microwave is the ideal option. It is elegant and can match the look of other kitchen appliances. These microwaves do not take up counter space as they are often placed above the wall oven.

Some Factors to Consider

  • Your Kitchen

Your new microwave must fit perfectly into your kitchen. Take into consideration how it will blend with other things around it. Do you want to add a different colour in your kitchen in the form of a microwave, or do you want it to match with the other appliances, for example, stainless steel? Also, if you are replacing an old built-in microwave, make sure the new one will fit the space.

  • Size

You will want the items you use to fit in your new microwave. Think about the things you usually cook in it. Will your plates fit inside the microwave you like? How about the pans for making your pizza or casseroles?

  • Preprogrammed Settings

Traditionally, these appliances come with defrosting or popcorn settings. When it comes to high-end ones, they often feature a new range of options for preset cooking for reheating pizzas, baking potatoes, warming up coffee, etc. Choose a model that offers a lot of preprogrammed settings that include the functions you will likely need a microwave for.

  • Wattage

When a microwave has a higher wattage, the cooking time is faster and heats the items more evenly inside. In general, a microwave with about 1,000 watts can cook food well. A microwave that has a lower wattage may be cheaper, but it is not reliable and much slower in cooking. It is better to find a unit from a reputable company.

Relatively, microwaves are considered minor investments. In such a case, you should go for the best microwave that can meet your needs. While you can be picky about choosing the right unit for you, you can make the purchase as fast as possible.