Useful tips for those who want to acquire a new profession during the pandemic

Coronavirus leaves a pessimistic impact on the economy of the world. Across the world, all businesses are suffering from losses due to the lockdown. But some types of businesses are enjoying a boom in terms of demand (e.g. food delivery, online gaming, pharmaceutical and digital business, digital marketing, freelancing in general and many more).

In case that you found yourself unemployed all of a sudden, it might actually be a good opportunity for you to change your profession. Of course it might feel like the lockdown is a good time to relax and rest. It is a long-awaited break from the hectic working routine. It is a time when there is no one to boss you around, but it’s not really a time to have a rest. You probably need to start earning money as soon as possible and here are some ways to earn it.

1. Internet marketing jobs

You can find a good remote job online, such as an internet marketer’s job. Internet marketing is a vast field and has a lot of opportunities for people who want to work while sitting at home. Being a remote job, it also increases your chances of getting the job as there is no discrimination or barriers for age. Many companies also provide basic introductory workshops and online tutorials to help you learn the ways of online marketing.

2. Working as a locksmith

Even when there is a lockdown, people still keep using locks and keys. They also tend to lose and break them, so there is still demand for various locksmith services, such as house lockout, car lockout, locks rekeying, car key programming and various other solutions that require special tools and skills, which only qualified specialists have. This profession is expected to stay in demand after the pandemic too, so if you are looking for a stable job, it might be a good choice for you.

3. Blogs and Websites:

You can start a blog or website on the internet and share the knowledge that you have in certain niches in the form of posts, articles, tutorials and videos. You can also start a vlog (video blog) and attract a dedicated audience, in case that you offer truly interesting content. Blogs can be monetized with the help of ads that are placed within the posts of the video clips. There is no guarantee that you will become an overnight sensation when you start a blog, but it could be a good idea, at least as an additional project to your regular job, which might later become your main source of income.

4. Become a Freelancer:

The job of a freelancer is often envied by people working in offices and organizations. With the flexibility and comfort of working anytime and anywhere, freelance jobs can be found on the internet as well. Not every freelance job requires special skills and experience. Some popular freelance websites offer a wide variety of work and projects that mainly require a will to work and some free time (e.g. transcription jobs, online content management, proofreading and other tasks).

5. Join a writing service

If you like to write and you do it as a hobby, you might also turn this hobby into your paycheck. There is an ever growing demand for written content for various websites and skilled content writers can get many writing orders from SEO and other online content related companies.


Whether you consider a long term career change, need a temporary job just for the next few months, or even want to find your very first job in a age of global crisis, there are many options to choose from. Good luck!