Using Cisco Webex To Create a More Effective Virtual Meeting Experience

Virtual meetings are gradually becoming more and more important in the modern business world, with the need for physical meeting becoming almost redundant thanks to the wealth of collaborative technologies that are available to not only replace the way you hold meetings but to enhance them too! Cisco WebEx offers some of the most innovative and effective solutions on the market, allowing you to connect with those who matter most in a productive and streamlined fashion. Read more about the collaborative technology offered by Cisco WebEx below; you’re sure to find a way to collaborate that works perfectly for your company.

WebEx Meetings

The specifically tailored platform for meetings is a joy to use – it allows you to hold meetings for small huddle groups or large conferences alike with equal efficiency, so you’ll easily be able to connect and collaborate when it matters most. With WebEx Meetings, you get far more than just a simple video meeting platform – you’ll be able to integrate video, audio, and content sharing into one seamless experience for a simple, yet incredibly effective way to structure meetings. It’s never been easier to hold meetings than it is with Cisco WebEx!

WebEx Teams

This is another take on the all-in-one collaboration platform, integrating a plethora of different ways to communicate and share in an instant, so you can work closely with your colleagues whenever and wherever you might be. The whiteboard function is where creativity comes alive; it’s a versatile way to bring ideas and plans together, so you and your team can work together for a more effective experience with a productive end-goal.

Teams will simplify the way that you collaborate. It cuts out the need for switching between platforms to talk to different people and share files, with an integrated video and audio call function ensuring that you can chat face-to-face as well as message so that you can share and review files as you talk. You can control the video from any device using the Teams App, so the platform is as versatile and easy to operate as possible. On top of this, anything that’s created in the whiteboard feature is instantly saved into your team space, so you’ll never lose an idea, brainstorm session, or vital piece of information again, plus your team can look back to it too so they’re always kept in the loop.

WebEx Devices

To properly implement and integrate the Cisco WebEx collaboration platforms, you’ll need to have the right devices and setup. What this means is having a space that’s dedicated to utilising the technology, with screens, cameras, and control panels such as tablets, computers, and laptops in easily accessible locations. You can try to piece together this setup on your own, but some providers can offer rooms designed specifically for your needs, so be sure to look into those if you want a truly enhanced experience without the hassle.

These devices include video conferencing tools and whiteboarding features that bring a more sophisticated and intuitive style of communication to small, medium, and large meeting rooms, so whatever your company’s scope, there’s solutions to suit you.

Training Centre

One of the best features available with the Cisco WebEx setup is the Training Centre, which is a huge advantage for those looking to run large-scale events and webinars. The platform incorporates HD video and broadcast-quality audio for a crisp, professional experience for everyone involved, ensuring that nobody misses a beat.

Using Training Centre, you’ll be able to effectively deliver interactive online training that’s enhanced with video breakout sessions and learning modules, which helps attendees to develop a deeper understanding of the lessons that they’ve partaken in. This makes the entire process infinitely more beneficial for each participant. Complete the experience by setting up tests to measure progress within WebEx Training Centre.

Learn more about how you can make your video meetings as effective as possible with Cisco WebEx by checking out the recent Kinly webinar, presented using the service itself, where industry experts gave their thoughts on the service and showed those present success stories along with guidance on how to best utilise Cisco WebEx within their own company’s processes. You can listen to the full 60 minute session via the link above.

When looking to enhance your business’ collaboration methods, Cisco WebEx systems have to be a huge contender thanks to their simplicity, ease-of-use and effectiveness in allowing you to connect, collaborate and prosper using video meetings and conferences with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders around the globe in an instant.