Vaping and dabbing: Which one should you choose?

Vaping and dabbing are two powerful and effective ways to get high in the modern world. Both methods have their advantages, making them two of the most popular techniques for ingesting cannabis today.

The humble joint has been the traditional way of smoking weed for decades. Filling a piece of paper with marijuana, rolling it up and adjusting yourself to light it produces a wonderful sensation that is almost a ritual. But today, there are other more modern alternatives that surpass the joint in many aspects, such as discretion, health or comfort. We can find them in many online headshop sites.

Two of these options are vaporizers and dab rigs or bongs. Vaporizers are a great way to get high without inhaling the by-products that come with smoking. They are also very discreet – they do not produce too much smell and they look like an electronic cigarette, or even a regular cigar.

On the other hand, dabbing is a fascinating and powerful way to heat up cannabis concentrates for a strong and incredibly pure high. Each of these techniques can be more interesting depending on the person and their preferences.

Vape Vs. Dab

Dabbing and vaping are two different ways to get high, and each has its own advantages. If you are the type of smoker who likes to get high when you go out for a walk or anywhere, or take small puffs from time to time throughout the day, vaporization is probably your thing.

If you prefer to stay at home and fuck a monumental high based on cannabis extracts and the best marijuana you have at your fingertips, dabbing is probably more convenient for you. Now there are vaporizers that are hybrids of both technologies, and can also be used with extracts, although this may not work for those who love the action of applying the extracts to a rig.

Health Factors

Vaporization is a more developed technology than dabbing, which uses an electronic system to heat the cannabis bud or extract to a certain temperature. These vaporizers heat the product to the point where THC is released, but without actually producing combustion. This means that the plant material does not break down into harmful by-products that are then inhaled by the smoker.

Therefore, vaping provides the consumer with an effect similar to smoking, but eliminating the harmful elements of that habit. This is very important, especially for those who are concerned about their health and do their best to avoid being exposed to harmful substances. Although marijuana by itself is quite safe, if burned it can promote the release of different toxins.

Cannabis smokers with lung problems may switch to vaporization to eliminate their symptoms. This is not something based on speculation and conjecture. A 2010 study published in The International Journal on Drug Policy looked at how the switch to vaporization positively affected respiratory symptoms in marijuana smokers.

The study results showed that 12 regular cannabis smokers had significant improvements in their respiratory symptoms. The authors claim that vaporizers have great potential for the administration of medical marijuana and could even serve as a harm reduction technique.

Dabbing is also believed to be healthier than smoking and this is partly due to the high level of purity of the extracts and the minimal presence of contaminants (when processed correctly). But the dabbing nail is heated to very high temperatures, and therefore combustion occurs. Nowadays dabbing is preferred and this fact is supported by the increasing variety of glass dab rigs available on the market.

Side effects

According to science, vaping is the method of ingesting cannabis with the fewest side effects. Consumers argue that vaping produces a clearer high due to the absence of smoke and other compounds. It’s also a more efficient and easy-to-dose way to get high, because many vaporizers can be used with short, gentle puffs, which means that the level of the high can be controlled.

On the other hand, joints and bongs often require quite large puffs to extract the smoke, making them less controlled delivery methods that often cause coughing. Although not as reputable as vaping when it comes to side effects, dabbing is a great way to deliver large amounts of cannabinoids in a short period of time – and it’s healthier than smoking.