Vegan diets make women HORNIER, according to intriguing Netflix show experiment

Vegan diets are thought to boost heart health and help you lose weight. 

But a fascinating new experiment based on twins has revealed another benefit: they can boost your sex drive. 

Researchers based in California found that women who ate an animal-free diet for eight weeks were twice as likely to be turned by porn, compared to non-vegans.

The study echoes previous research in men that found eating a vegan diet reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction.  

Researchers asked two sets of women to watch porn while they measured the temperature of their genitals. Those who went vegan saw a 300 percent increase in their sexual appetite

 Experts have previously hypothesized that eating more plants can improve blood flow, which may enhance sexual function.

The latest findings were featured in a new Netflix documentary, You Are What You Eat. 

The series is based on research that follows 22 sets of twins as one embarks on a vegan diet for eight weeks, and another an omnivore eating plan. 

All participants were also encouraged to exercise more than they usually do. Each was subjected to a battery of tests during the intervention to find out how their diets impacted their health. 

For the experiment on libido, experts at Stanford University asked four women to watch different videos – including pornographic ones. 

Lab equipment was used while they watched to measure the temperature of their gentials – a known marker of sexual arousal.    

Studies have shown veganism can boost heart health and increase lifespan - but it can also boost libido (stock image)

Studies have shown veganism can boost heart health and increase lifespan – but it can also boost libido (stock image)

First, the participants watched a non-arousing documentary on birds, to assess baseline measurements. 

Next they chose a pornographic one. This was conducted both at the beginning and the end of the study, to assess the impact of the diet. 

At the end of the experiment, all four of the women were more than twice as turned on by the porn – indicating that exercise alone can boost arousal.

However, the vegan participants had even better results, increasing their arousal by more than 300 percent.

Previous studies involving surveys have found that people eating a vegan diet report higher sex drives, and a more satisfying sex life.

It is not clear why – however experts have previously suggested this could be due to the positive effects of nutrients in vegetables on blood vessels, which improves blood flow to the genitals.