Victorian man arrested over 500 fake COVID-19 payment claims

A man has been arrested for allegedly making more than 500 fake pandemic payment claims worth about $60,000.

Victoria Police uncovered masses of counterfeiting equipment at a home in Melbourne’s west, during a fraud an investigation into COVID-19 temporary isolation payments submitted during the pandemic.

A card printer, embossing machine, drivers licences, fake Medicare and other ID cards, mobile phone signal jammers and phones, tablets and computers were seized by detectives from a Braybrook home, police said on Friday.

Police have arrested a man in Melbourne’s west over a COVID-19 payment scam allegedly worth $60,000

A 41-year-old Braybrook man has been arrested and is expected to be charged on summons with deception and fraudulent documents offences.

‘It will be alleged that over 500 fraudulent COVID-19 grant applications were successfully submitted under a variety of false names worth almost $60,000 between 2020-2021,’ police said in a statement.

The investigation is ongoing.