Effective Video Marketing Tips for Instagram and Twitter

One of the things that a lot of businesses have realized is that Instagram and Twitter can be the perfect place wherein they can promote not only their products but the rest of their brand. There are so many social media platforms that are available but most brands would like to promote through two platforms namely Instagram and Twitter.

As SEO and search engine traffic continue to decline, we are seeing a lot more time and money pour into the efforts of building a brand and marketing on social media. Twitter and Facebook have always been popular, but thanks to the power of mobile devices and extended usage around the world, other social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are growing at an even faster rate.

With this in mind, Instagram is where we are going to focus most of our efforts. In this article we are going to break down why it’s one of the hottest social platforms in the world today, and also how you can start using video marketing to reach more audiences and grow your brand in the process.

Why are Instagram and Twitter Popular?

Instagram and Twitter are popular because there are a lot of people who still use them to this day. People spend a lot of time on high quality photos and pictures that they can post on Instagram and get free likes and shares as a result of it. They usually follow a certain aesthetic that will make people want to follow them more. People like being on Twitter because they sometimes find some people so witty that they are worth following. These two social media platforms are popular among different age groups and businesses are aware of this fact. You can make the most out of this knowledge too.

Now that you know why it has become popular, it is only fitting that you become aware of how you can make the most out of using these social media platforms to promote the products that you may have.

Share Stories

It is not enough that you will be creating your own videos that will promote your brand and your products. You need to create videos that will have the ability to tell stories. When you do this, people are bound to watch and relate to the videos. They may remember your product more. Plus, they will be more likely to test out your products. Do remember that the videos you are going to create need to be shorter than usual but you can be creative and make videos under a minute that will create an impact on people’s lives.

Collaborate with Other Brands

There may be other brands that would like to collaborate with you and there is nothing wrong with this at all. You can collaborate with other brands to create effective videos. You can make campaigns that will help raise awareness about some of the things that you and the other brand may believe in. There are even times when you can create a video for a good cause and this will be perfect to help people remember you more.

A perfect example of this can be seen with Print on Demand Academy. They have an online course and community that teaches people how to make money online with Amazon print on demand services, but they also have a huge reach and value added service through their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels as well.

The business model here is that more people will find them on social media and see the value they are offering, and then hopefully come to their site and see what  they really have to offer.

Repost Fan-Made Videos

Your users will love the fact that you will create videos that they have created in order to show their love for your brand. There are some that are actually well-made plus it can inspire other people to also create videos for you because they would like their own videos to be appreciated. You can also create some hashtags that they can use so that it will be easier for you to check the new videos that have been submitted by your users.

Create Videos That Do Not Need Any Sound

Do you know that more than half of the videos that people watch do not really require sound? Some will be perfectly fine with watching videos that do not have any sound. What if you would actually create videos that do not need sound? You need to create extra effort in doing this though. You need to optimize your video in such a way that it will not need any sound when it is played. If you feel that this is not possible, there is one simple tip that you can do: use subtitles.

Make Videos That Show What Happens Behind the Camera

People may already be aware of the things that you have to do but they may not know exactly what happens behind the scenes. Now is your chance to show them some interesting footages. The more that they like what they see, the more that they would like to support your brand. Showing behind the scenes videos usually make people humanize your brand. This will allow you to connect with your audience more.

Create Videos with Influencers

Influencers are all over Instagram and Twitter, and some of them even have blogs and video content of their own. If that is something you are interested in, this article on Forbes goes into more detail about that.

Some of them are truly effective in endorsing certain products. When people see that some influencers are endorsing some of the products that you are selling, it will be enough to make them want to know more about your brand.

You cannot just choose any random influencer. You need to pick someone who will be able to represent your brand properly. The influencer should appeal to the audience that you are also trying to reach on Instagram and Twitter. If you make the right choice, then the influencer can create a video that might even go viral.

How To Videos Can Also Be Created

You can create a video wherein you can show your potential customers how your products can be used. Creating a video will always be better as compared to making a brochure or an article. People just want to watch videos now because this is easier to do. The more that people understand what you can offer, the more likely they are to support your products and your brand.

With all of these things in mind, you are bound to create effective videos that can be used for both Instagram and Twitter. If you still aren’t sure what direction you want to take, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the competition and the top brands on Instagram.

Not all brands and influencers are focusing on Instagram and video, but the best ones are. With this in mind, what are you waiting for? Create the right videos now.