Video shows bright light in sky that’s actually a missile

  • Footage taken earlier this year shows a bright light flying in the sky
  • The video was taken in Sunland, California in early February and emerged this week
  • The light was seen by people in the Bay Area who were up bright and early
  • A military spokesman confirmed it was actually a routine Navy missile test  

Mysterious footage has emerged this week that appears to show a brightly lit glowing orb tracing over the skies of California, sparking rumors of a UFO.

The cell phone footage emerged earlier this week and was taken in Sunland, California in the early hours of February over the Bay area.

However, as usual, the feverish speculation was debunked when it was pointed out that the US Navy carried out a routine missile test that exact same date – February 14.

According to East Bay Times, Navy Strategic Systems Programs spokesman John Daniels said an Ohio-class submarine off the coast of California, south of the Bay Area, launched two Trident II D-5 missiles, one at 3:30am and another at 6:20am.

The second missile was seen by many in the region who were getting up and heading to work. 

At that time, the object appeared in the sky for 45 seconds and changed direction a few times according to witnesses. 

Daniels assured everyone that the missile stayed hovered over the sea, and didn’t cover any inhabited ground. 

‘It was part of a routine missile test that has been planned for a couple of years,’ Daniels added. ‘This was not in response to any ongoing world activities.’

The Trident II is a three-stage missile with a 4,000-mile range. Daniels said Bay Area residents likely saw stage one, which lasts about a minute, and possibly part of stage two. By stage three, the missile is well-beyond what the naked eye can see, he said.

Locals took to social media to share the experience, while many questioned if in fact aliens were among us. 

Video taken at 6am in Sunland California shows a flying bright object with a large tail in the sky

It was later confirmed to actually be a Trident II D-5 missile that the Navy was testing 

It was later confirmed to actually be a Trident II D-5 missile that the Navy was testing