Video shows man ‘stab rival brawler’ in Trafalgar Square

  • A group of men could be seen fighting each other in Trafalgar Square on Tuesday
  • Seconds later an alleged knifeman launched an attack and stabbed another man
  • Police arrived after reports of a ‘fracas’ but they found no ‘evidence of ‘assault’

Shocking video footage appears to show the moment a knifeman stabbed a rival during Albanian Independence Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square. 

A man could be seen running towards a group of men who were fighting before allegedly stabbing a fellow reveller in the back several times. 

The victim had his back to the alleged knifeman when he was attacked and received a series of blows to his midriff.

The alleged knifeman launched an attack

A man could be seen holding a large weapon – believed to be a knife – (left) during the Albanian Independence Day celebrations before appearing to attack another man 

Just moments before, another man was heard screaming after he was punched in the face and upper body just yards from the National Gallery. 

Seconds later, the alleged knifeman then sprinted off and it is not known what caused the violent brawl on Tuesday evening.   

Police were called to the scene at 9.25pm after reports of a ‘fracas’ in the world famous square but found ‘no evidence of an assault’.

Hundreds of people had gathered in central London to celebrate 105 years of independence in Albania.  

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ‘Police in Westminster were called at 9.25pm on Tuesday, November 28 to reports of a fracas outside the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, following Albanian Independence Day gatherings.

‘Officers attended minutes later and found no evidence of an assault and no injured persons presented themselves to police.’ 

A group of men were fighting

They started brawling in Trafalgar Square

A large group of revellers started fighting each other at Trafalgar Square in London on Tuesday