Video shows Massachusetts school bus crash on icy road

A terrifying video shows the moment a school bus started sliding uncontrollably down an icy road and crashed into a parked car.

The bus with 29 passengers on board slammed into mailboxes before it hit the vehicle on Peachtree Drive in Sutton, Massachusetts, Tuesday morning.

Luckily, no one was hurt during the incident. 

The bus began to slide because of a flash freeze that led to slippery roads, NBC 10 Boston reported.

It took out three mailboxes before crashing into the parked car. The incident was caught on camera by Cheryl Katz, a resident watching from a nearby house.

Twenty-nine middle and high school students were on the bus at the time of the crash, according to officials.

School Superintendent Ted Friend said he believed that roads were safe before the call was made to send out school buses to pick up students Tuesday morning. 

He also said he felt horrible about the bus crash.

Main roads had been treated, but side roads – such as the one where the crash occurred – had not yet been reached by highway officials when the school bus careered into the car.

The bus was carrying 29 children at the time of the crash

Nobody was hurt during the incident, officials said

Nobody was hurt during the incident, officials said

Resident Terry Maloney told NBC: ‘Being out on the edge of town it seems like we’re one of the last places to get the roads sanded and salted and plowed in the winter.’

The husband of the woman who took the video, Shane Katz, watched the crash unfold while the Katz’s son, a seventh-grader, waited for the bus.

‘I heard a crash and a second crash, and I heard my wife say, “Oh my God! Oh my God!” And I’m rushing out to the front here, and I just see the school bus just come through, take out the mailbox and just collide into that car,’ he said.

His wife added: ‘Thankfully it hit the car because, honestly, I was really scared that with the sheer momentum that the bus was picking up, going downhill, I really thought the bus was going to roll over.’