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VIP paedophile ring ‘fantasist’ known as Nick, 51, fled an interview room in tears

Carl Beech, 51, (pictured outside Worcester Crown Court in March 2018) is of accused of falsely claiming a powerful group of politicians and high-profile figures abused him as a child decades ago

A ‘fantasist’ accused of inventing a Westminster VIP paedophile ring fled an interview room in tears as police began to pick apart his claims for the first time, a court heard today.

Jurors were shown Carl Beech’s recorded interview with the Metropolitan Police in January 2016, over a year after his first videoed interviews with the force.

The 51-year-old from Gloucester had stated he witnessed three boys being murdered and he and others were subjected to horrific sexual abuse at the hands of powerful establishment figures. 

The Metropolitan Police carried out extensive investigations into his claims, and he reluctantly agreed to be further questioned about what he alleged, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Beech had told police he had been sexually abused by his step-father Major Ray Beech, then ‘given’ to Army top brass, security chiefs and politicians.

As the video of the interview was played to the jury, Beech appeared to become emotional in the dock, sitting with his head bowed wiping tears from his eyes. 

The court has heard the police had failed to find the identity of ‘Scott’ a boy that Beech said he saw murdered in a hit and run in 1979 or any details of two other boys Beech claimed to have seen killed. 

And despite persistent questioning he had failed to bring forward ‘Fred’ another victim he claimed to be in touch with, the court was told.

In a police interview room in Quedgeley, Gloucestershire, on January 11th 2016, Detective Constable Derek Young began the process of unpicking Beech’s story. 

Carl Beech, pictured in a police interview in 2014, which has been played at Newcastle Crown Court where he denies 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud

Carl Beech, pictured in a police interview in 2014, which has been played at Newcastle Crown Court where he denies 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud

The Met had earlier described his allegations as ‘credible and true’ but DC Young’s interview was set up to take him through the holes in his account. 

He started by telling Beech: ‘I’m here to talk to you about certain inconsistencies, discrepancies and omissions in what you have told us so far. 

‘You may feel some of my questions are challenging your integrity or your credibility but let me reassure you that is absolutely not the case. 

The ‘fantasist’ helped detectives draw up e-fits of boys he claimed had been murdered by the MP Harvey Proctor (above) and others

‘We need to prepare the best case we possibly can which could go to court and be put before a jury, do you understand that Carl?’ 

Beech knitted his fingers in his lap, nodded and said: ‘Yes, that is fine.’ 

He was first quizzed about the murders of the three young boys he said were murdered by the VIPs. 

He was asked to describe ‘Scott’ who he said attended his primary school in Kingston upon Thames in as much detail as he could. 

Beech replied: ‘Erm yeah he was about my height. Dark hair, erm and he always had worry lines. He was little… I suppose he was the same as me really so… and .. yeah, that is about it really.’ 

He was asked to describe, in as much detail as he could, the house where he saw Harvey Proctor stab and beat a boy to death with another man. He answered ‘It was quite a big house. 

‘It was empty I don’t remember any startling features. I don’t remember much about it really, I couldn’t tell you anything about it really. It was empty, bare, I don’t know where it is.’ 

DC Young then asked him to describe the man who was with Proctor during the killing. 

At that point Beech, wearing a yellow sweatshirt, buried his face in his arm, sobbed and fled the room. 

Beech claimed he was undressed and abused by Lord Bramall (pictured in November 2017 at his home in Hampshire), who is now aged 95

Beech claimed he was undressed and abused by Lord Bramall (pictured in November 2017 at his home in Hampshire), who is now aged 95

The interview began again three minutes later. 

Within an hour he had admitted one account about his step-father Major Raymond Beech – who he accused of abusing him – had been untrue. 

He told his counsellor Vicki Paterson that Major Beech, now deceased, had followed him after he and his mother had moved from Oxfordshire to Kingston upon Thames and had continued abusing him for up to a year. 

However in interview he told DC Young he had last seen Major Beech when he was arrested in Oxfordshire. DC Young said to him: ‘Can you see how things like that can be misunderstood and misconstrued sometimes?’ 

Beech replied: ‘Yeah I can and it’s.. and it’s embarrassing. I suppose that is not the word. I suppose it was just easier to say it was him rather than other members of The Group.’      

The interview led to the case being dropped and an investigation by an outside force to begin into Beech, who denies 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and fraud. 

By that time Operation Midland had cost £2m and the homes of Lord Bramall – the 95-year-old former Commander-in-Chief of UK land forces – former Home Secretary Lord Brittan and ex Tory MP Harvey Proctor had been searched. 

Newspaper reports had started to question his account and Beech became less willing to speak further to the police. 

He told his liaison officer just before the ‘challenge’ interview: ‘There seems to be little point in putting myself under more stress, it is unlikely the CPS will do anything, it is all pointless and I shouldn’t have been so stupid as to think I could speak up against them.’  

Previously the trial has been told Beech falsely claimed he had been raped by senior army officers and the disgraced television presenter Jimmy Savile. 

He told the Metropolitian Police that around 15 men attended weekly abuse parties all over the South of England, including the late former Tory PM Ted Heath’s yacht, exclusive clubs and Dolphin Square. 

Beech also said former MI5 and MI6 heads tortured him by tipping spiders over him, gave him electric shocks and threw darts at him. 

And he alleged the former Conservative Home Secretary Leon Brittan was also part of the ring. 

His claims led to the Met Police launching Operation Midland, which cost £2 million which was dropped after 16 months without anyone being charged. 

It was then that Northumbria Police were called in to investigate Beech and unpicked his alleged web of deceit, the court has heard. He denies 12 charges of perverting justice and one of fraud by falsely claiming £22,000 criminal injuries compensation. 

When the Met asked Northumbria Police to investigate Beech in 2016, cops raided the rented three-bedroom house in Gloucester where he lived with his son. 

They discovered on the drive a new £34,000 white Ford Mustang convertible which was bought with the compensation cash he received, it is alleged. 

Beech later fled to Sweden but was tracked down and extradited back to the UK to face justice. 

The trial continues

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