Viral Edmonton Oilers boob flasher invited to cheer them on in Stanley Cup after THAT viral video – but she doesn’t want to meet the team!

The most famous fan of the Edmonton Oilers has been invited to their Stanley Cup games against Florida Panthers this week – but she doesn’t want to give them a team talk before their must-win games.

‘Kate’, 34, went viral after flashing her boobs in the team’s win over Dallas Stars on May 31 and after trying to avoid the spotlight, came forward and made an appearance on the ‘Spittin Chiclets’ hockey podcast.

After revealing how she had tried to bury the clip of her flashing and that she had no interest in accepting the porn deals that she has been offered, the podcasters invited her to see her team play with them later this week.

‘I can see with work what this week is supposed to be like,’ Kate, who said she works at an oilfield, replied. ‘It definitely sounds like an interesting opportunity.’

‘Kate’ said that she couldn’t pick a favorite Oilers player: ‘People are calling me the Edmonton Oilers mommy. I don’t think it’s really fair for me to pick a favorite.

'Kate' put her breast on display during the team's NHL Conference Finals Game 5 win against the Dallas Stars on May 31

The viral Edmonton Oilers fan who went viral for flashing her boobs at a game goes by ‘Kate’, according to a Barstool Sports podcast that she appeared on Monday

‘I’m a casual fan, more so. I had to work for the second game so I didn’t get to see it. 

‘I’ll watch a game if I’m there and available but I don’t go out of my way, I’ve got bills to pay and s***.’

She was asked by the podcast if she had any words of motivation for the team, who trail Florida Panthers 2-0 down in the Stanley Cup series.

‘Honestly, when they lost the (second) game I was going to get in my truck and just like, drive to the bush and build a little shack out of f***ing sticks and live in it after seeing everyone like, “Ah we need her”.

‘I don’t understand how they need me. But apparently I made myself this person and now I don’t know what to do about it.’

As for meeting the team before the game, she said: ‘I am in no position to be motivationally speaking to anybody. Do they like tequila shots?’

The podcasters then invited her to ‘come hang out’ at a game this week: ‘You’re our friend, you’re welcome to come hang out with us.’

The Oilers host the next two games in the series against at Rodgers Place in Edmonton. Game 3 is Thursday night and Game 4 is Saturday. 

Kate said she has been amazed that fans have joked they need her back to support the team

She joked that she's in no position to give the Oilers motivational advice

Kate said she has been amazed that fans have joked they need her back to support the team

She added that people at her work on an oilfield recognize her from the video

The clip was filmed May 31 when the Oilers played Dallas Stars

She added that people at her work on an oilfield recognize her from the video, filmed May 31

Oilers player Evander Kane said he had seen the viral video before Kate came forward and identified herself.

‘I think it was almost impossible not to see that video,’ he said. ‘Just [by] turning on your cell phone.

‘I mean, we have an incredibly passionate fanbase. And I think that was a great example of that.’

Kane was then asked if Oilers players have been arguing in the locker room as to whose jersey the flashing fan was wearing at the time.

‘I don’t know how many people were actually looking at the jersey,’ he joked. ‘But apparently it was discovered that she was wearing a Sam Gagner jersey.

‘So obviously he was an Oiler a long time ago as well for a lot of years and a fan favorite, so no surprise I guess.’