Virgin offers financial help for IVF treatment to 300 staff

Virgin Group offers financial help for IVF treatment to 300 staff as a new workplace benefit

Richard Branson’s Virgin is offering financial help with IVF treatment to 300 staff.

It is part of a package of measures with discounts of up to 20 per cent to help it keep workers.

Staff can access cut-price services that include insemination and sperm freezing, the price of which can often run into tens of thousands of pounds. 

Virgin is to provide financial help to staff wanting to undergo IVF treatment staff. Pictured: Virgin boss Richard Branson

The average cost of a cycle of IVF amounts to £3,500 and the chance of success is one in three.

The group is offering the service in its Virgin Red arm, its rewards club for shoppers, and to Virgin Management employees. 

It said: ‘With thousands of people likely to face fertility issues, it was a natural step for us.’

It is the latest UK firm to do so. 

Over a third of people who try IVF think of leaving their job, according to a survey by charity Fertility Network.

Legal firm giant Freshfields has said that it will contribute up to £44,000 for the treatment. 

Natwest bank has offered fertility services to its 59,000 staff, and British Gas-owner Centrica has launched the service for its 18,500 employees.