Visit and discover the island of Gozo

Gozo is the second-largest island in the Maltese archipelago, green fields stretch from the northeast to the southwest of Gozo, and the coast is surrounded by rocks and cliffs. Gozo has situated North-West from the island of Malta, just 5 km from the main island of the archipelago.

Gozo is commonly associated with bliss and delight, as its name suggests, which translates to ‘joy’ in Castilian. The unhurried way of life of local people with its culture, fishing industry and agriculture has remained unchanged from the past.

If you are interested in a special holiday, then on Gozo island you can get away from the noise and bustle of everyday life. With just 37,000 inhabitants, it is often associated as a greener, quieter Malta. Perfect for a holiday getaway or for those who prefer a calmer ambience.

Foreign tourists find themselves loving the country-sidewalks, the traditional architecture built out of limestone and especially the everlasting good weather.

How to get there?

The sister island of Malta will be easier to reach in the future. There is no airport in Gozo however there is a direct bus from the airport in Malta to the North of Cirkewwa. From Cirkewwa, one must take a 25-minute ferry ride to Gozo.

A tunnel leading from Malta to Gozo will be constructed in the year 2022. Coming the month of June, a new system will be in a place where ferries will operate from Valletta to Gozo reaching a 45-minute trip in total.

Mid-way between Malta and Gozo is one of the most desired swimming zones that of the Blue Lagoon, Comino.

When you arrive in Gozo you will notice the Ta Cenc cliffs insight amongst many restaurants in the harbour that serves traditional, local cuisine.

All the roads of Gozo lead to the fortified city of Rabat which is the Capital city of Gozo; also known as Victoria. It was renamed in honour of Queen Victoria in 1987 during the colonial period.

It is the only commercial hub on the island in which theatres, shops, markets, and more are situated.

Some major historic sites of the island are that of the Dwejra tower, the UNESCO world heritage of the Ggantija temples and the Citadella in Victoria.

What is the property market like in Gozo?

In general, the average cost per rental agreement remains the lowest in Gozo at a rate of 47.2%. This calculation is made by the central bank of Malta. Real estate Gozo prices almost always depend on the type of housing and region. In 2020, townhouses had decreased in price due to the coronavirus crisis and overall prices of property have remained relatively reasonable.

There are numerous possibilities on the market that range from old Gozo farmhouses, apartments, penthouses, townhouses, country homes or villas to rent in Malta or Gozo. Some have been renovated to resemble their previous characters with additional modern elements and others had adopted the Kempinski Residence like condominiums which were the island’s first noticeable building project.

Gozo property for sale is cheaper than Malta property with Gozo being more tranquil.

Gozo continues to be the number one island that property seekers benefit from because of the one size fits all type of budget compared to that of the island of Malta.