Waitrose launches new ‘pumpkin’ apples with red flesh

In the run-up to Halloween, it seems you can buy almost everything in pumpkin spice flavour. 

And now it seems supermarkets can even cash in on the trend with fresh fruit as Waitrose has launched new ‘pumpkin’ apples.

It’s the first time the new variety of apple, which has peculiar orange skin and bright red flesh, is being sold in the UK.

The Seasonal Sunburst variety of apples have bright red flesh with a circle of white at the centre and unusual orange skin

The apples are called Sunburst, for the burst of white in the centre of the fruit, which is framed by the otherwise bright red flesh.

The apple skin has an orange tinge, which is why they are often nicknamed pumpkin apples.

Even more unusually, the apples apparently taste like a classic Fruit Salad sweet, and have a tangy flavour, it’s said.

The odd colouring makes the fruit perfect for Halloween, particularly if you are planning any apple bobbing games.

The fruit are on sale at Waitrose exclusively in packs of four for £2.50 - that's 63p an apple

The fruit are on sale at Waitrose exclusively in packs of four for £2.50 – that’s 63p an apple

The fruit, which are grown in Kent, will be on sale for a limited time for £2.50 for a pack of four. 

Greg Sehringer, Waitrose’s apple buyer, says: ‘Our British-grown ‘pumpkin apples’ are the perfect treat for little ghouls and ghosts on Halloween. 

‘Looking just like mini pumpkins, these apples will surprise anyone on Halloween with their hidden red flesh. Perfect for tricking apple bobbers.’ 

It’s not the first time a supermarket has launched unusual fruit or vegetables.

Last year, kalettes – a cross between kale and sprouts – were all the rage, while pineberries are a naturally grown fruit that look like a white strawberry but taste and smell like a pineapple.

Pluots are another unusual fruit hybrid, that are made by crossing a plum with an apricot. 

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