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Wallaby head is found impaled on a stick along Hubert Rivulet

Decaying head of a wallaby is found impaled on a stick at a park in a gruesome discovery

  • Severed wallaby head hung in a Tasmanian park
  • Residents made the shocking discovery on the weekend
  • Tasmania’s Department of the Environment is investigating 


Horrified visitors to an inner-city Australian park have made the disturbing discovery of a decapitated wallaby head impaled on a stick alongside a walking trail. 

A local was strolling along the Hobart Rivulet, which runs through the CBD in Tasmania, when they spotted the animal head over the weekend. 

It is not known how or when the wallaby died, but there is some decay around the jaw.

A local walker made the stomach churning discovery in the Hobart Rivulet Park on the weekend. The stick appears to be deliberately tied to the tree with vines

The stick appears to have been deliberately tied to the tree in the busy park using vines.

The resident said this was the second shocking incident of animal cruelty they had seen in the park.

‘About a year ago I saw another animal strung up in a tree near the Wynyard St entrance, but this is horrific,’ they told The Mercury.

The local is calling for CCTV to be installed along the park to increase safety for visitors and discourage similar acts. 

RSPCA Tasmania CEO Jan Davis agreed surveillance cameras are needed for the area and called the discovery ‘distressing’.

‘We want these people to stop being stupid and cruel, and harming defenceless and iconic local animals,’ she told the newspaper.

While Hobart Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds urged anyone who might have information to contact police.

‘The city of Hobart condemns this barbaric, cowardly attack on a harmless native animal,’ Ms Reynolds said.

The park runs through the Hobart CBD and is a wallaby and platypus habitat

The park runs through the Hobart CBD and is a wallaby and platypus habitat

She said council staff ran conservation programs along the Hobart Rivulet, maintained the area, and that the incident was ‘isolated’.

Under Tasmania’s Animal Welfare Act anyone found guilty of aggravated animal cruelty can be fined up to $33,600 and jailed for up to five years.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Tasmania Police for comment. 


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