Want to get married naked? Officials back beach on Italian island of Sardinia as venue for nude weddings

If it’s your naked ambition to get married in the nude, then this Italian destination wants to hear from you.

Italian authorities announced plans for Is Benas Beach, a designated naturist area located on Sardinia’s southwest coast, to become a destination for nudist weddings.

Luigi Tedeschi, the mayor of the nearby town San Vero Milis, said the four-mile beach had been a popular nudist hotspot for years.

After it officially opened as a nudist beach in 2022, he claimed naturist weddings were the next logical step.

Tedeschi, who is credited with having the idea to designate part of the beach nudist, said authorities decided to open it up to nude weddings when a German couple wrote to ask whether it would be possible to marry on the beach in their birthday suits. 

Naturist couples will soon be able to get married in the buff on Is Benas Beach (pictured) in Sardinia. The four-mile beach has been a nudist hotspot for years

He told CNN: ‘Nudity has nothing to do with sex. For [naturists] it’s a philosophy of life, and is linked to nature.’

‘It should be respected – so why not? We have this beach, a place that lends itself brilliantly to naturism. And then we thought, let’s make a beach for weddings. If people want to marry nude, they can.’

He added: ‘If anyone has a problem, they can walk on past or look at the sea.’

CNN, however, reported that out of the 2,500 residents in the nearby town, there have been no complaints. 

Sardinian authorities decided to open Is Benas Beach up to nude weddings when a German couple wrote to ask whether it would be possible to marry on the beach in their birthday suits (file image)

The only query raised, Tedeschi joked, is if he would have to be clothed to officiate or wear the fascia, the mayoral sash.

While there were reports that brides would still have to wear veils, Tedeschi confirmed: ‘People can wear what they want.’

The mayor said the aim of hosting nudist weddings at the beach is part of a greater initiative to provide more nudist spaces on the Italian island.

He hopes it will attract a ‘respectful’ kind of tourism, unlike the clothed areas of the beaches, which he said are often left covered in rubbish.

The proposal was backed by Gabriele Rosetti, head of the Italian Federation of Naturists, according to The Times. ‘This is a first for Italy and we are totally here for it,’ he said.

According to the website, Rossetti said Italy was ready for nudist beach weddings, but claimed that other European nations were far ahead of Italy when it came to naturist culture.

‘I had a house guest from Holland who came to breakfast naked,’ he said. ‘We don’t all do that.’

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