WATCH: Grandma gets brutally run out by NFL player during celebrity charity softball game

A grandma was brutally run out by an NFL player during a celebrity charity softball game despite needing help just to reach first base. 

‘Granny Smith’ came at-bat to get a run against David Njoku’s team during Saturday’s event in Eastlake, Ohio, making contact on one of her swings, at one point, before being helped by her grandson, Ross Smith – a prankster with 4.5million subscribers on YouTube – to make it to first base on time. 

Unfortunately for grandma, however, Cleveland Browns running back John Kelly Jr. refused to give out special passes to any of his opponents, no matter their age, as he had the ball in his glove when Granny was about 45 feet down the line. 

Initially, Kelly allowed grandma to keep on running. But then, he waited until she was right about to reach base safely to step onto the bag to get her out.

What makes matters worse is that first baseman forced grandma to break a sweat as he got her out right in her face. 

She was helped while making a run to first base by her grandson and prankster Ross Smith, who has 4.5M followers on YouTube

A granny went viral during a celebrity softball game in Ohio on Saturday after being savagely called out while attempting to get a run

She was called out after Browns RB John Kelly Jr. waited until the last second to get on the bag

She was called out after Browns RB John Kelly Jr. waited until the last second to get on the bag

To make things funnier, Kelly and Njoku bumped chests like they made the final out of the World Series. 

Also, to make matters worse, Kelly mercilessly responded to a post with footage of the play on X with: ‘Gotta be quicker then that granny.’ 

Other professional athletes, including Travis Kelce and the recovering Nick Chubb, were at the game. 

Kelce – a former pitcher for Cleveland Heights – took home a trophy by winning the home run derby.

He was back in his hometown while his popstar girlfriend Taylor Swift performed in Scotland over the weekend.