Watch insane moment when UFC bantamweight Vinicius Oliveira lands a flying knee in knockout of the year candidate against Bernardo Sopaj

  • Vinicius Oliveira landed the flying knee with 20 seconds left in the third round 
  • Oliveira scored his third consecutive victory and improved to a 20-3 record 
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Vinicius Oliveira stole the show at UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas with a flying knee in the final seconds of his bout with Bernardo Sopaj.

The Brazilian bantamweight and his Albanian counterpart were standing toe-to-toe with 26 seconds left when Oliveira started a combo that led to the knockout.

As Sopaj threw a jab, Oliveira met him with a low leg kick that knocked him off balance. He immediately followed it with a left hook that sent Sopaj staggering away with his back partially turned to his opponent.

Before Sopaj could turn face, Oliveira began his run-up and leapt for the flying knee near the Octagon fence.

His right knee landed flush on Sopaj’s chin as he rag-dolled onto the canvas.

Vinicius Oliveira landed a flying knee to knock Bernardo Sopaj out late in the third round 

With the win, Oliveira earned his third consecutive victory and improves to a 20-3 MMA record

With the win, Oliveira earned his third consecutive victory and improves to a 20-3 MMA record

Before scoring the knockout of the year candidate, Oliveira and Sopaj’s bout was far from lopsided. Oliveira landed 88 out of his 170 total strikes and 67 out of 144 significant strikes.

Sopaj efficiently landed 92 out of 146 of his strikes, 45 (out of 86) of which were counted as significant. He also had four minutes and 28 seconds of control time compared to Oliveira’s minute and 36 seconds.

Additionally, Sopaj completed three of his four takedowns while Oliveira completed two of four.

The win moves Oliveira to a 20-3 record with 16 knockouts and a three-fight win streak. On the other hand, Sopaj’s own three straight wins failed to extend as his record became 11-3.