Watch the tear-jerking moment a young baseball player surprises his grandpa with his signed first home run ball

  • A young baseball player had a special way of marking his first home run 
  • Video of the moment has been liked nearly 1million times on Instagram 
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A tear-jerking moment between a young baseball player and his grandfather has resurfaced on social media.

In the clip, which was posted to Instagram, the youngster approaches his grandfather after hitting his first two home runs – including a grand slam – in his baseball game.

The grandson then pulls out his grand slam ball and reveals he signed it for his grandpa.

‘It says, ‘papa I love you,” he reveals, bringing his grandpa to tears.

‘Why did you do that?’ the grandpa then asks emotionally.

Young Felix presented his father with signed ball after hitting his first home run in a game

Young baseball fan gifts grandfather signed ball

Young baseball fan gifts grandfather signed ball

The pair then shared an emotional hug as Felix’s grandfather cried from the gift

‘Because you taught me everything about baseball,’ the grandson replies.

The pair then share an emotional hug as the grandpa lets out a cheerful ‘wooo!’

The clip has been liked more than 950,000 times on Instagram and was still receiving a flurry of comments on Tuesday morning.

‘Im not crying… you’re crying! What an absolutely beautiful moment between Papa and Grandson,’ one commenter wrote. ‘Something they both will hold dearly for the rest of their lives.’

Another said, ‘I need like 20 boxes of tissues…’

And a third added, ‘So sweet!! My grandpa loooved baseball and almost played professionally but went into the navy instead. We used to watch all the time. Love [this].’