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Ways to Keep Your Spine Healthy and Happy

Being overweight can cause our spine to suffer and pain appear. We will try to stay in a healthy range and avoid excess toxins.

Needless to say, the spine is what keeps us, is responsible for sustaining us and helps us make all our movements? It’s always good to remember, especially when we don’t treat it correctly.

In this article you can learn some effective tips on how to have a healthy spine and how you can get a Healthy Back

Data on the spine

The spine or back spinal is the most important articulated structure of the body. It begins below the head and extends to the hips. That is, it crosses our entire back. It is divided into five regions:

  • Cervical: Seven vertebrae (C1 to C7)
  • Thoracic or dorsal: Twelve vertebrae (T1 to T12)
  • Lumber: Five vertebrae (L1 to L5)
  • Sacra: Five vertebrae (S1 to S5)
  • Coxígea: With four or five vertebrae

Each of these areas of the spine has a particular aim. And among all they give us support, mobility and posture. As if this were not enough, the spine is the conductive guide of the nervous system.

How to have a healthy spine?

Let’s go now to the practical data. If you want to have a healthy spine, which does not hurt and does not cause any problems, then:

Take care of your posture

Keep your back straight as long as you can when you are at work, on the subway, on the couch, in bed or in college. In this way, your spine will be healthy.

Self-correct your posture. Squeeze and contract the belly and align it with the abdomen. Imagine that from the head comes a rope that ties you to the ceiling and that the back has to be very straight for it.

There are many techniques to maintain proper posture. Such as adding more cushions on the chair, buying an ergonomic seat, placing a table on the back of the chairs, using a sash, etc.

In all cases, the shoulders should be placed slightly back and falling freely towards the sides.

When we have a bad posture, the nerves between the vertebrae “pinch”. This also causes pain, blood circulation and energy problems.

Thus, if you are hunched forward, you are more likely to lose heart or be depressed, sleepy or in a bad mood. So you should care for your spine. You can use posture corrector, back support or shoulder brace to balance your body as well as your back spine. This can help you out from your back pain problem and energy losses. From here you can choose what you need or best fit for you.

Check your posture every time when you are sitting in front of the computer or desk. Put a poster on the track to remember it, for example.

Do exercises

But attention, not just any type of exercise is good for this area. The important thing is that your movements help keep the back and belly muscles healthy, strong and firm which are the ones that contain the spine.

You can do abs, lumbar and low weight exercises to tone the spine as well. And at the same time relax it, do not hesitate to practice yoga. You have heard that the best exercise or sport for back health is swimming. So you can do it periodically.

Sometimes a day (at least one) performs stretching for about 10 minutes.

A good idea to unload the tensions of the spine is to take your hands interlacing your fingers. Then stretch forward, at chest height. Bend your back a little, as if it were a C, and extend your arms as far as you can. Repeat five times.

Avoid the accumulation of toxins

Of course there is a great relationship between what you eat and how your back feels, beyond posture or gymnastics.

You need to carry out a diet that does not contain fatty, refined, sugary, and fried or fast foods.

All these accumulate toxic along the spine and generate various complications and conditions.

It is good that you include in your daily diet vegetable juices with fresh ingredients. Nuts such as almonds, blue fish such as salmon, raw fruits and two liters of water a day (at least) to release everything that accumulates.

Drop overweight

Most obese people have problems and backaches. This is because, the more weight, the more work the spine has to do to support the body. Inter-vertebral tension is very painful.

If you are very overweight, make a diet that will help you at least reduce a few kilos.

Make soft massages

When an area of the spine hurts, you can go to a massage therapist to have the contraction removed. But attention, that this technique should not only be done when the pain is unbearable.

Some people choose to perform prevention sessions once a week. To tone the back muscles and, at the same time, remove tensions when they just appear and are still small and mild.

The acupressure, the bio-energetic massages and the relaxants are the three recommended. So that the vertebrae are toned, the accumulated toxins are expelled. And the inter-vertebral pressures are released.

Do not load heavy objects

If your job requires it, load things with a correct posture and always use the stipulated corset. In case you are lifting objects at home or sporadically, pay close attention to how you do it.

The best technique is to flex the knees and bring the buttocks as close to the ground as possible. Then take what you have to lift in your arms as if you were giving him a hug. Slowly stretch your knees and return to the starting position.

Consume natural supplements

Among the most beneficial to the spine are magnesium, calcium, spirulina, brewer’s East, flaxseed, salmon oil and vegetable oil.

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