Waze app adds new hands free mode

  • Users can ask app to take them to a destination or report roadworks and delays 
  • Waze has also added support for carpool lanes for the first time 

Waze has revealed a major update to its satnav app, allowing users to simply tell it where they want to go.

The app, owned by Google, has also added a host of other features including a motorbike mode and support for carpool lanes.

The firm says they updates are ‘one of its biggest ever’


Waze says the update is one the biggest in its history, allowing users to talk to it, use a motorcle and use carpool lanes.


Talk to Waze is currently available for English-speaking Wazers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and New Zealand.

To activate the feature, users should go to:

Settings > Sound & voice > Talk to Waze > and toggle Listen for ‘OK Waze’ on.

The new ‘Talk to Waze feature is triggered by the users saying ‘Ok Waze’. 

‘An evolution of our existing Waze Voice Commands, you can now initiate your drive, get a preview of the route ahead, send reports, and add a pit stop—all without lifting a finger from the wheel,’ the firm said.

It previously offered a far more limited version of voice recognition.

‘Not only is it convenient, it’s safer, allowing you to stay focused on the road ahead, Waze said.

The firm has also added support for carpool lanes.

It gives users with additional navigation options and arrival times, based on high-occupancy-vehicle lanes (aka carpool lanes) on their route.

‘Whether you’re riding with one passenger or more; in a hybrid, electric, or clean-fuel car; with a special pass; or a combination of all of the above, Waze will determine your optimal route,’ the firm said.

Waze says it has been using its users to create the maps for the HOV support.


To enable the feature, all you need to do is open the Waze app and share a few details about your drive:

If you ride with a full carpool crew, head to Settings > Navigation > Add Toll/HOV pass > Select from a pre-populated list of passes available in your area.

Have a fuel-efficient car? Go to Settings > Navigation > Vehicle Type.

HOV route support is currently open to Wazers in 22 markets across the US (full list below), and in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Stay tuned for additional roll-outs across the United States and Canada.


‘Major shoutout to our stellar Map Editor Community, who worked hard to bring HOV route support to life by adding the nuanced HOV info to the Waze Map,’ it said.

The firm recently introduced a new help feature allowing users to call for assistance easily.

A new option allows users to contact emergency and professional services, or ask nearby users for help. 



Waze now supports three types of vehicle - cabs, private cars and motorcycles

Waze now supports three types of vehicle – cabs, private cars and motorcycles

Open to Wazers worldwide who prefer to ride on two (or three) wheels, this is the third unique vehicle type supported by Waze.

It comes complete with specialized routing to help make finding freedom on the open road simpler and faster.

In addition to the real-time road updates and alerts, Wazers riding in motorcycle mode will be directed on routes optimized for motorcyclists based on where fellow Wazers-on-wheels are riding and the more you ride in the motorcycle setting, the smarter the routing will become.  

To Waze on a motorbike go to Settings > Vehicle Type > Motorcycles in your app.






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