We have a Nationwide joint account and Isas, will we get £100 each?

My wife and I have a Nationwide joint bank account and both have cash Isas, will we get £100 each from its Fairer Share bonus?

My wife and I have a joint current account with Nationwide and I also have an individual current account. We both have cash Isas with £20,000 in with the building society too. Will we get £100 each from its Fairer Share bonuses? 

Bonus offer: Nationwide will make £100 Fairer Share payments to qualifying members 

This is Money replies: Nationwide revealed it would pay out ‘Fairer Share’ bonus payments worth £340million to its members.

Eligible members will get £100 each, according to Britain’s biggest building society, which is dishing out the cash after racking up a record £2.2billion in profits.

As part of the announcement, Nationwide also said it was launching a two-year fixed rate Fairer Share savings account paying 4.75 per cent interest. 

The Fairer Share Payment will see members who were eligible on 31 March 2023 get £100 paid into their current accounts in June. 

Customers who are eligible for the cash started to get emails on the morning of Friday 19th May – a nice bit of good fortune before the weekend.

As a building society, Nationwide is owned by its members – who are qualifying customers – and can offer them special deals and rewards. 

But not all Nationwide customers will get a payout. The building society said it wanted to reward members who have ‘the deepest banking relationships with us’.

This has been defined as those who have a current account and also a savings account or mortgage. 

To get a £100 payment, Nationwide members must have either a current account and savings product, or a current account and mortgage product. The building society said these are its criteria:

Current account: To be a qualifying current account, your account must have been open on 31 March 2023. Qualifying members must still have a current account in June. 

Savings: You will have had qualifying savings if you had at least £100 in total in one or more personal savings accounts or cash Isas with Nationwide at the end of any day in March 2023. 

Mortgage: To be a qualifying mortgage customer, you must the building society at least £100 on your Nationwide residential mortgage on 31 March 2023. 

On this basis, our reader definitely qualifies for a payout, as both partners are named on a joint account and they each have cash Isas. 

But will the get one £100 Fairer Share bonus between them or one each? We asked Nationwide.

A spokesman said: ‘They would both benefit from £100 and can also take out the Fairer Share Bond.’

So, that’s a piece of good news. You will get £100 each. 


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NatWest’s Select Account account pays £200 when you switch. The account has no monthly charges, but to be elligible for the £200, you’ll need to deposit £1,250 into the account and log into mobile banking app within 60 days.


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