We went to view a great new rental in Brisbane – then my husband found a warning hidden in a cupboard: ‘RUN’

A pair of would-be-renters ‘dodged a bullet’ after finding a lengthy warning written on the inside a cupboard while checking out a new home.

The Brisbane couple were interested in an apartment listed for $480 per week – but the message penned by the anonymous former tenant warned it wasn’t worth it.

In a note hastily scrawled in red pen, the outgoing residents said the rental was ‘the worst they had ever experienced’ and urged anyone viewing the space to ‘RUN’.

The list included issues like mould in the bathroom, broken window hinges and a poorly sealed kitchen bench. 

They also complained about the landlord’s erratic and unreliable behaviour.

A pair of would-be-renters ‘dodged a bullet’ after finding a lengthy warning written on the inside a cupboard while checking out a new home 

‘He will come in and out of the property when he shouldn’t,’ they claimed.

‘He is cheap… he won’t fix anything.’

Other issues included peeling paint, a cockroach infestation which was there before they were and no soundproofing, making it hard to enjoy any piece and quiet.

The couple posted the note on Reddit where many agreed ‘everyone should do this’ for future tenants.

‘Tenants get black listed for s**t behavior. Landlords should too. I could one day be a landlord and I would want to do right by tenants. I would not rent out until I have a fund set aside to cover repairs,’ one said.

Some said they regret not doing the same after leaving ‘disgusting’ rentals.

‘I wish I had thought of this before leaving our old place. Our landlord refused to hire professionals to fix the obvious leak in the upstairs bathroom,’ one woman said.

Huge crowds are attending rentals across the country

Huge crowds are attending rentals across the country 

‘It took over two months of sending emails to the landlord with pictures and explanations as to why mould was such a health risk (two babies in the house) I finally got an email asking who I was,’ she fumed. 

Others shared other rental horror stories.

‘There’s a real estate mob in Newcastle that threaten legal action against one star reviews on Google and tries to dox ex-renters if they can ID them. They strike me as the kind of cheapskates who’d rage at negative reviews, but refuse to pay for their removal,’ one person wrote.

Other sympathetic people argued it’s a landlord’s market and the condition of the home ‘doesn’t really matter’.

‘Unfortunately, given the current market, this place will be rented again within a week,’ they said.

The couple said the real estate agent quickly wiped off the note as soon as she saw it.

‘My husband was just there at the right time,’ the woman said.

And he heeded the warning, taking the photo of the sign on his way out.

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