Weather Tech – In-Channel Side Window Deflectors

Channel Side Window Deflectors by WeatherTech®. These easy-to-install accessories give you fresh air and original look of car parts ford fiesta. Side window deflectors are custom built, window channels, rain and debris guards that allow fresh air to enter and exit the vehicle while the window is still broken in harsh weather conditions. Side window deflectors also help reduce wind noise and allow internal heat to escape.These easy-to-install auto parts offer you fresh air enjoyment with an original equipment look.

WeatherTech makes your side window deflectors look as good as they are. Their smoked acrylic plastics are finished with light or black smoke to suit your style of ford fiesta parts. Acrylic plastic is also a high-impact material that can withstand undulating rocks and bugs. For further protection, acrylic acid is UV-treated to resist discoloration and other damage from harmful rays from the sun.

Your side window deflectors are custom designed to your car parts ford fiesta brand, model and year. Only one ultra-thin window mounting flange auto parts required for installation, so you don’t need to drill or modify it. In just a few minutes, you’ll have an excellent protective window deflector for perfect fit, aesthetics and performance for ford fiesta parts. Best of all, WeatherTech is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


Quick and easy to install, no external tape required. The WeatherTech® side window deflector does not stick to the outside of the vehicle like ford fiesta, but is installed in the window channel. It must be cleaned and dried for perfect installation for ford fiesta parts.

Maximize the enjoyment of fresh air

Let fresh air enter and protect from the rain! The WeatherTech® side window deflector spans the entire window passage to open the window for fresh air even when it’s raining. It also reduces wind noise and minimizes turbulence through open windows.

Optically transparent

The baffle is optically transparent and designed for safety to minimize driver blind spots.

Minimize internal heat when parking

You can open the window slightly to create airflow inside the parked vehicle.

ISO Certified

WeatherTech’s commitment to quality is reflected in the recent ISO/TS 16949 quality standard certification developed by the International Automotive Working Group (IATF) and the ISO Technical Committee.

The WeatherTech® side window deflector is manufactured in Germany using the highest quality 3mm light acrylic material. Quick and easy to install in ford fiesta parts, no external tape required. The WeatherTech® side window deflector is precision machined to fit your vehicle auto parts. These thin window baffles help reduce wind noise and allow internal heat to escape.

WeatherTech® is a range of high-end custom automotive parts manufactured by Catalog.Altgradauto, the WeatherTech range offers everything needed to protect the interior and exterior of the car parts ford fiesta, from shades and window baffles to linings and pet dampers. All WeatherTech products are carefully designed and manufactured so you get the highest quality, style and durability. Each product undergoes the most rigorous testing and quality control checks prior to marking the Catalog.Altgradauto logo. As a result, owners of WetherTech products no longer have to worry about nature and its effects on external or internal damage to the vehicle.


Catalog.Altgradauto guarantees that its Ford products will not exhibit any material or work-related defects during the original purchaser’s life cycle and will only be applicable to the original vehicle on which they are installed. This does not mean that its products are simply and naturally worn out and normal use is a candidate for warranty replacement or refund.