Website Design Tips: Top Five Ways to Step Up Your Website Game

If you’re running a business in 2021 then you already know how absolutely vital it is to have a presence online. Everything from social media profiles to your own company website is going to be an avenue to communicate with your customers.

While you might know that you need a website, it’s not always easy to know what exactly will set you up to achieve success. Most business owners are already stretched thin and the idea of diving into the depths of web design is daunting. That’s why we’ve got our list of five, easy to implement, ways to improve your website.


As the amount of information available online increases and attention spans decrease, fast load times for websites are paramount. Potential customers aren’t going to wait around for your website to load. They’ll close the browser and find the information or product somewhere else.

Avoid losing customers and declutter your website of unnecessary plugins, images, videos, etc. to increase loading times.

Clear Navigation

Users who visit your website don’t want to be confused and they definitely won’t spend time digging for what they want. Make sure that your website has a logical flow to it with easy ways to navigate to conversion opportunities. Use your website as a funnel and send the user exactly where you want them with minimal stops along the way.

Pay Attention to Design

The first way in which any potential customer is going to interact with your website is strictly from a design perspective. Everything from typography to image placement is going to be relevant. When it comes to design make intentional choices.

Choose typography for your website that is easy to read on a screen and make sure that it renders well on mobile and desktop, as well as screens with both high and low pixel density. Utilize white space between paragraphs and in the margins to make it easier for your potential customers to read.

Provide Quality Information

The expectation for consumers today is to find the most relevant, highest quality content that exists about a given topic. They don’t want to be fed a load of garbage and search engines knows it.

Google’s entire mission is to connect users with the highest quality, most relevant content that relates to any given search term. Ensuring your website has high-quality and relevant content for your specific business is only going to have a positive impact.

Include Testimonials

Your clients and customers are the best resources that you have and you need to use that to your advantage. 92% of consumers read online reviews when considering a product and 72% of them say that positive reviews and testimonials make them trust a business more.

With those kinds of statistics, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be using positive feedback to help win over potential new customers. Display these proudly on your website home page and let them work a little magic.

Improving your website doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult. Making a few tweaks here and there can still have major benefits in the overall experience your clients and customers have.