Wegovy, Ozempic. Everything you need to know about ‘game-changer’ weight loss shots

Are ‘miracle’ fat-melting shots loved by celebrities all they’re cracked up to be? MANSUR SHAHEEN reveals everything you need to know about Wegovy – the ‘game-changer’ drug everyone’s talking about

Wegovy has taken the world by storm since it first arrived on the market last year, with everyone from doctors, celebrities and patients singing its praises.

The weekly shot is the most effective weight loss medication on the market, with users dropping 15 per cent of their body weight over 68 weeks in clinical trials. 

Tech mogul Elon Musk claimed he used the drug to supplement his body transformation earlier this year and rumors continue that it was Kim Kardashian’s secret weapon for dropping 16 pounds in three weeks ahead of the Met Gala. 

The popularity of Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy and its sister drug Ozempic combined with manufacturing issues have led to shortages of both drugs. Celebrities have reportedly not faced these issues, with some paying around $1,000 per month out of pocket for the weight loss ‘game changer’.

But how much do YOU know about how it works? 

Obesity medicine specialist Dr. Christopher McGowan explains the effects and side-effects. And patients Ana McKenna and Mandy Sasser Fitez reveal how its changed their lives – and their bodies. 

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