West Gippsland neighbour’s brutal note before Christmas sparks heated debate about who’s in the right

A savage note penned by a fed-up neighbour in the lead up to Christmas has ignited heated debate among locals about who is in the right. 

A West Gippsland man posted an image of the harsh letter he received to a rural Victorian community Facebook group.  

‘Any chance you can cut the grass & tidy up around your place???’ the note began 

‘Looked great for a long time lately a f****** s*** hole.’

A man received an angry letter from a fed-up neighbour about the state of his lawn 

The man who shared the note captioned the image with a lengthy comment, including a surprise invitation to take the irate neighbour out for coffee. 

‘This is a great opportunity to remember that there are those of us who have a lot of hate and pain in their heart, and that we live with them every day,’ he said. 

‘Thank you to whomever wrote me this letter, it was a great learning opportunity for my young children to find it, so that I could teach them that we always need God’s grace, and that we live in a post Genesis 3 fallen world. 

‘Please pray for those among us living with psychological conditions, as Christmas time can be especially tough for them. God bless’.


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He then added: ‘P.S. if you wrote this, please DM me and let’s go out for coffee and a chat, l’d love to help welcome you to the town.’ 

Many from the local group were shocked at the abrasive note, rallying in defence of the recipient.  

‘It’s pretty sad that someone felt the need to write this. Even if they did fell the need to say something, there is no need to be rude,’ one said. 

‘There might be many reasons why the lawn hasn’t been mown. Maybe go to the front door and find out why. They may need yours or someone else’s help to rectify the situation’.

The persons added that Christmas ‘is one of those times when we can all be that little bit kinder’.

Locals were divided on whether to side with the recipient or the author of the note

Locals were divided on whether to side with the recipient or the author of the note 

Another scoffed at the ‘lovely language used’ and deplored the fact that the man’s children had stumbled across the note. 

‘What a gutless wonder why not go to you neighbour knock on there door, and have a chat with the neighbour, and politely ask them to tidy up… That was pretty disrespectful,’ the person wrote. 

Others suggested that the author should ‘have some manners’.

But some were not so forgiving, appearing to side with the note writer. 

‘Just mow your lawn, vacant block next door was knee high which is unacceptable,’ one said. 

‘Made me wanna place a sign out the front saying hay for sale’.

While another suggested to ‘just cut the grass’. 

‘Simple. Don’t think God has anything to do with it really’ they said.

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