Westfield Bondi Junction stabbing hero tells how he desperately tried to save an injured baby’s life after infant and mum were attacked

A hero who rushed to help a mother and nine-month-old baby after they were stabbed by a knifeman at Westfield Bondi Junction has told how he desperately worked to keep the infant alive using store clothes.

A major incident unfolded at the major shopping centre in Sydney’s eastern suburbs about 3.30pm on Saturday afternoon after a knifeman went on a two-hour rampage, stabbing multiple people and killing at least four. 

Witnesses said the dark-haired man, wearing a Kangaroos NRL jersey, slashed at least eight shoppers before he was shot by a female police officer. No-one else is being sought by police.

A witness interrupted a Nine News reporter performing a live cross in Bondi Junction and pointed to his brother, saying: ‘He’s a hero – he saved the baby’. 


The two brothers used clothing and shirts from a shop to try and stop the baby’s bleeding

The clearly shaken hero said he used clothes from a store to try and stem the baby’s bleeding.

‘The baby got stabbed and, yeah, the mum got stabbed,’ he said.

‘The mum came over with the baby and threw it at me. 

‘I just helped by holding the baby … and trying to compress the baby.’

The brothers stayed with the mother and called emergency services.  

‘(It was) very bad… a lot of the blood on the floor … hope the baby’s alright,’ the other brother said.

The injured mum had blood coming out of her mouth, he said. 

It is understood the baby is undergoing surgery and the mother is in a critical condition in hospital. 

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Another witness, a worker at the shopping centre, recalled seeing a mother screaming on the level above.

‘I see a mother and maybe her partner with a baby in a pram,’ she told Nine News.

‘She’s screaming really, really loudly. She’s running back and forth not knowing what to do.

‘Then she comes back to the pram and picks up her baby and there’s just blood all over her back.

‘The scream was unforgettable, it was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

‘My co-worker took me, we locked all the doors, had to turn off all the lights and doors’. 

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