Wetherspoons employee reveals best and worst dishes on the menu

I worked in a Wetherspoons kitchen – lots of the dishes are decent but here are the ones you should swerve

A former Wetherspoons employee who claimed to work in the kitchen of the popular pub brand for five years has revealed the menu items they would steer clear of as a customer.

The man, who is anonymous but lives in Scotland, wrote a Reddit post detailing what he claimed was the general working pattern in the kitchen and revealed nuggets of information about how food is prepared.

While he said some of the food, such as beef burgers, were ‘cooked fresh’, he recommended other customers swerved dishes such as steak.

He also revealed the types of order that would make him groan when they came through on the ticket, and the ones he dreaded cooking.

As people on the thread questioned him about his time in the kitchen, he revealed he had worked there while he was at university and enjoyed the social aspect of his job more than he enjoyed socialising on campus.

A man claiming to have worked for a Wetherspoons pub for five years has answered questions on a Reddit forum about how the meals in the kitchen are prepared

Posting under the name Itsdarkinhere11, the former employee said he never saw anything untoward in the kitchen while he worked there, such as taking unpleasant revenge on rude customers by messing around with their food.

Addressing the food orders that he dreaded receiving, the unnamed former employee said he used to roll his eyes if a large group of 10 or more people submitted an order. 

He said: ‘I had a whole table of five send their food back like three times when I was doing a breakfast shift myself because the black pudding was ‘too crumbly’.’

The anonymous poster, who worked for a branch of the pub in Scotland, said the curries, which are microwaved onsite, are 'decent'

The anonymous poster, who worked for a branch of the pub in Scotland, said the curries, which are microwaved onsite, are ‘decent’

When asked if he had any crazy customer stories, the former employee said the bar staff probably had more entertaining tales to tell as their role was more client-facing, however he did claim a customer once took matters into her own hands when she was unsatisfied with her meal.

‘A lassie came into the kitchen absolutely steaming and swung for a manager because her fish was cold,’ he said.

Writing about the meals that were worth eating versus the dishes which were less appetising, the poster claimed the curries and pizzas were ‘decent’.

He added the beef burgers were ‘made from scratch’ and not frozen, but was less impressed with chicken and vegetarian/vegan burgers. 

The former employee also claimed that, when it came to eggs, they were either fried on a flat grill, or scrambled/poached in the microwave. He added the poached eggs are delivered to the kitchen already poached and heated up to order. 

Eddie Gershon, a spokesman for Wetherspoons, said: ‘For the majority of the time, breakfasts are cooked to order. During some busy periods, in order to ensure customers are served promptly, some items are pre-cooked and held for a limited time.

‘Our poached eggs are pre-poached to ensure the quality of the product is consistent for the customer.’

He added the fish on the menu is ‘freshly battered every day’ and that pizzas and paninis were made to order.

As for the curries, which are heated up in the microwave in a Wetherspoons kitchen, Eddie said they are made as ‘bespoke Wetherspoon recipes’ which are then frozen and delivered to sites.

He said: ‘A small percentage of our dishes, by volume sold, are microwaved. Most high-volume products such as burgers and steaks are grilled and a number of other meals such as pizzas and jacket potatoes are oven cooked.

‘Wetherspoon’s top three cooking methods are (in order): 1. Grilling (‘clam’ or flat grill OR ‘char’ grill), 2. Frying, 3. Oven-cooking.’

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