What Are Academic Essay Writing Services?

Buying Professionally Written Term Papers and Writing Guides

Getting an A on a school writing assignment might be as simple as logging onto the computer. Professional paper writing services are appearing all over the Internet.

Writing school paper assignments is the bane of many students, from high school to Ph.D. level. The thought of spending hours researching, writing, and editing lengthy essays on topics that are considered unimportant often motivates students to use alternative methods to complete writing assignments. For example, most online essay writing websites market their services towards students who need content for required college courses or classes that aren’t relevant to the major.

Although students have been buying essays, theses, and term papers for years, the Internet has granted widespread accessibility to resources and businesses designed to deliver a quick solution for those who’d like to ask to write my essay for me. When there are only two days left to write a ten-page essay on Shakespearean poetry, it doesn’t automatically mean that a C is in that student’s future. For individuals who are willing to pay the hefty prices, there are essays for sale on nearly every topic and discipline known in academia.

Term Paper Databases

Before custom essay services became the standard, most students relied on websites that offered cheap copies of supposedly top-grade papers. Barely a step up from the campus dealer, owners of term paper databases can keep prices low by selling recycled essays, rather than generating original content for each customer.

In the 1990’s turning in copies of old essays was not problematic for students, unless the paper was submitted to a professor who recognized it from a former class. As a result, term paper databases didn’t require professional researchers and writers to author the essays. They were easy to sell, easy to buy, and students didn’t have to live in constant fear of being caught.

However, the same technological advancements that have enabled students to buy academic essays have also given educators the tools to detect signs of plagiarism. Plagiarism detection software is distributed freely on the Internet and allows teachers and professors to eliminate copied essays from the pile.

Non-Plagiarized Custom Essays

In answer to the academic community’s efforts to fight plagiarism in schools, the Internet has become heavily populated with businesses offering custom essays. Unlike the original online essay services, “non-plagiarized” custom papers are composed on an individual basis. For potential buyers, these improved services mean that paper topics can be ultra-specific and students are guaranteed to find the essay they need.

Custom paper writing services are the preferred option for individuals concerned with discreetness and convenience. Papers of various lengths can be requested in as little as 1 day, and if the website is legit, there are no chances of turning in the same paper as a classmate. Students can also specify additional features, such as formatting and bibliographies. In some cases, these essay writing service websites even offer services to complete coursework for an entire class, especially for people attending online schools.

Of course, the price of a custom-written term paper is far higher than the $10 or $20 students used to pay to obtain an essay online. For a 5-page essay, prices typically range from $20 to $250 depending on the deadline, the type of assignment, paper topic, and education level. Custom essay services that offer prices on the lower end are likely to be scams, with papers written by non-native English speakers or resold to several customers.

Custom Essays as Writing Guides

Beyond the primary purpose of relieving students of essay assignments, many online businesses also encourage customers to use custom essays as writing guides. While most colleges have writing help and resources on campus, some students still have difficulty approaching a new subject and organizing their thoughts into a coherent essay.

In the same way that educators distribute sample essays or give detailed instructions on how to format and write research papers, custom essays can be a learning tool. However, unlike general materials distributed by the teacher, a customized essay gives students ideas on how to handle the exact subject they will be writing about for the class.

Essay Services and Plagiarism

Although plagiarism is a major concern in academic settings, the use of essay writing services is not federally regulated or punished in any way. A student who is found to submit work that he or she has not written is subject to the academic institution’s policies, but quality paper services lessen the likelihood of being exposed. While many site owners defend their services by viewing their materials primarily as guides, students are free to use these essays however they wish.

Regardless of its countless opponents, the future of professional essay services appears to be certain. As long as students are looking for ways to get around the rules, there will entrepreneurs ready to lend a hand to help them break a few more.

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