What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

What are cannabis concentrates? Simply put, a cannabis concentrate is an extremely concentrated, hydroponic mass of dried flower buds and leaves with very little water or oil. Often containing no more than one percent of the actual plant material, these concentrated extracts can often be found at the more expensive end of the market, often for around ten to twenty dollars per gram.

In the beginning, what were cannabis concentrates? These were simply simple marijuana joints, rolled joints with multiple grams of pot leaf covered in a ball of cellophane and tied with a string. While a great many people enjoy this classic form of marijuana sharing, it was quickly discovered that the mass production of these joints could be very profitable, and many home cooks were caught for their share of the profits.

Soon after, homemade marijuana concentrates appeared, usually as a much cheaper, less potent version of the original. With the home cooks, and the occasional dealer, pot became much easier to cultivate, and the concentrates began appearing in ever more elaborate forms.


A concentration is simply the amount of cannabis plant material (tissue) that has been used to create a single product, such as joints or buds. The lower the concentration of tamping agents, the less potent the final product will be. The concentration you want will also depend on your personal taste, and whether you want a more pure cannabis concentrate or one that is much easier to smoke.

If you are someone who likes to smoke weed, you probably want a high concentration, while if you are a casual smoker, a lower concentration may be better. Of course, the higher the concentration of tamping agents, the harder it is to smoke, so some may prefer to take a dab of a concentrate, then roll a joint of marijuana and smoke it like candy – it burns much faster.

When looking at cannabis concentrates for your next purchase, be sure to do some research. The last thing you want is some cheap, knockoff concentrate, sitting on the shelves of a company that specializes in high-grade cannabis and who doesn’t know their stuff.

Concentrates should be tested by using a scientific method for determining the precise contents of each capsule or tablet. In general, these kits include a water displacement test, a glass ball divider, and a scale that can be used for weight determination. These kits are not foolproof, but they can be very useful for an amateur gardener.

If you have ever had a “bust” (great name, by the way), or “close call” with a “joint”, you know the sensation you are in after having smoked two or three joints in a row. Sometimes the third joint comes through the other two, and the entire room starts to smell like grass and burned wood. This is the concentrated essence of a potent bud. You may never want to smoke that much cannabis in your life again.

So what are cannabis concentrates? Simply put, they are extra potent buds that are packed in containers. Concentrates vary from product to product, but they can range from one and a half grams to five grams in weight. Be sure to do your research before buying any concentrates, and remember that the less expensive ones are usually the weakest cannabis.