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What are magic mushrooms and how they are consumed?

Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic substance found in over 180 types of mushrooms. “Magic” or “magic” mushrooms have a long, thin white or gray-white stem and cap, which is usually darker on the inside. Dried mushrooms are usually dark brown in color.

Magic shrooms are consumed in several different ways, some are eaten with no preparation, while others require varying degrees of preparation beforehand. Mushrooms are eaten fresh or dried, eaten, brewed into tea, or mixed with other foods to discourage the bitter, unpleasant taste of psilocybin.

Their mild psychedelic effect could come with a strange, unappealing taste to a first-timer. Psilocybin dramatically alters the perception of the surrounding world, bringing, among other things, frightening sensations.


The easiest is to eat them freshly picked. Before starting a meal, it is strongly recommended to clean them. There is a huge risk that shrooms grew in their natural environment on manure.

Cleaning is pretty simple. It is needed to put them under cold water, wipe off any dirt or excrement, then put them on a paper towel (to drain excess liquid). Rinsing with water does not affect the effect, but the mushrooms easily absorb moisture.

Otherwise, they can be cleaned with a mushroom brush. This culinary tool has been specially designed with moderately stiff bristles to knock off dirt and keep shrooms intact.

Ways To Consume Magic Mushrooms

The simplest is to eat them freshly picked. Eating raw is hardcore because of the shroom’s potency, but also the easiest approach. The taste is specific, so at the time of chewing it is worth keeping a drink on hand.

Gel capsules (tablet shell). After cleaning and drying, mushrooms can be ground into powder and keep in clean capsules. Before starting the filling procedure, the total weight of the crushed psilocybe should be weighed. This will make it easier to determine the dosage.

Important! The presented option is a great way to store the product for a long time. Do not keep ready-made hallucinogenic “pills” together with similar-looking vitamins, medicines, or food supplements.

Smoking. There are people who claim the practice of smoking mushrooms. There are many discussions on this. If the method works, then the effect is rather minimal, and the session is ultra-short.

Mixing with other foods. For example, adding them with a cookie (salty cracker) or pizza, on which shredded (fresh or dry) mushrooms are spread. All this should completely mask the characteristic aroma and specific taste.

In the form of sweetness. Placing pieces of mushrooms in chocolate, caramel, or other confectionery is another way to consume them. In the case of making baked goods or candies, remember that psilocybin breaks down at around 85 ℃, so cooking for extended periods of time (more than 30 minutes) above this temperature can affect the effect.

Tea making is the most popular practice. There are several ways to do this, and most importantly, all the ingredients are available and may already be in the kitchen.

However, one thing to keep in mind when baking or cooking these “sacred herbs” is that they can be particularly sensitive to heat. Don’t try to go overboard with the temperature when preparing a magic shroom course. Instead, make sure the heat doesn’t exceed 190 degrees Fahrenheit, or it would start breaking the shroom down, affecting its potency.